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Personal Injury

Is my car accident injury case too small for me to get a lawyer?

By on Dec 23, 2017 in blog, Car Accidents, Personal Injury | 0 comments

Is my car accident injury case too small for me to get a lawyer? I get this question a lot. Sometimes potential clients are worried about wasting my time and so they are afraid to ask for help for their injury case. The answer is always to contact a lawyer if you have been hurt in a car accident. We can then advise you as to whether or not your case is worth retaining a lawyer. Sometimes what seems like a little case can turn out to be a very large case. For example, I recently represented a gentlemen who had been involved in a crash in West Valley City with little property damage. I agreed to represent the client and it turned out that his injuries were much more severe than originally anticipated. In the end, he ended up with a good settlement, which he would not have received without assistance. He also had substantial medical bills, so a settlement was needed to not leave him in debt. So sometimes you never know how severe your injuries might be right after the accident. For that reason, it is best to consult an attorney. Everyone once in a while, cases will go the opposite way. Over the years, I have represented a few clients who seemed to have moderate injuries. However, those injuries quickly resolved and those clients did not qualify for a settlement as their medical bills did not exceed $3,000, nor did they fit any of the other requirements under the Utah statute for a settlement for general damages. In those rare situations, the personal injury protection usually covers all the clients’ medical expenses and I do not charge a fee for my time and services, as I work on a contingency fee. So there is no risk to hire me if your case does not work out or your case does not develop into a case we can pursue. Once again, my best advice is to always contact a lawyer if you have been hurt in a car accident. As mentioned above, we can help screen your case and we do not charge a fee if it does not work out. Call me today-...

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Why You Need A Utah Injury Lawyer For A Slip and Fall Accident

By on Dec 12, 2017 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

At first thought, a slip and fall accident  may seem like one of the least dangerous types of accidents. But they can cause quite a bit of damage and injury.  One of the biggest issues with falls is that when people first falls to the ground they don’t immediately notice they have been injured. Or, if so, to what extent.  Only after they attempt to get up do they realize that they broke a bone,  have an ankle sprain,  or worse.  Another reason slip and fall accidents are so dangerous is because of how you fall. Talk to anyone that has had an accident like this and most people will tell you  when they started to fall they tried to break the fall by putting out their hands or arms.  Add in a hard surface like a tile floor in a restaurant or a sidewalk outside and this can result in hand, wrist and arm injuries.  It’s only natural that we reach out when we are falling – and yet this is what causes the most injuries! What Causes Slip and Fall Accidents? If you think slip and fall accidents are only caused by slippery floors, think again.  Slip and fall accidents can also be caused by: Snow on the ground Ice on the ground Sidewalks, driveways or pathways being cracked, missing pieces or being broken Violations of safety codes Proper signage not being put into place Liquid spilled Torn carpet – tiles that are missing on the floor – broken or missing steps Benefits Of Hiring A Utah Injury Lawyer Larger Case Settlement:  When you hire a Utah Injury Lawyer you have an Advocate for your case which means you have someone on your side who not only has experience in slip and fall cases, but is available to you when you need them.  You can ask questions, inquire about the progress of your case and more.  More importantly, when you have a Utah Injury Lawyer you have someone who will get you the compensation you are entitled to such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and outside costs such as rehabilitation. Aggressive and Persistent Representation When you try to deal with a settlement on your own – you might not feel like you have the...

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Details On Utah’s Statute Of Limitations

By on Nov 14, 2017 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

The statute of limitations was created in order to create fairness for both the plaintiff and the defendant. Every state has its own statute of limitations for filing civil actions against a person or a business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a health issue and you want to file against a doctor or a hospital for medical malpractice or have caused injury to another person, each situation has a set amount of time for the statute of limitations. These types of laws are intended to ensure that not only the integrity of evidence or witness testimony is processed properly, but this also means a person or even a business cannot hold the lawsuit over someone else’s head, which could in turn be used for blackmail. If you are unsure of the statute of limitations in Utah, there is a small list below, but in order to really be sure about your specific situation it’s in your best interest to hire a lawyer. These are only 3 examples out of 25+ which is why it’s beneficial to do your own research, but also rely on a lawyer for answers and information as well. Wrongful Death: Cases for the wrongful death of a family member must be carried forward within 2 years – usually this type of limitations happens when a surviving family member is seeking compensation for a loved one. Or because the person that passed away was the income maker of the household. Medical Malpractice: 2 years after discovery, but not more than 4 years from the date of the act, neglect, mistreatment, or occurrence. Slip and Fall: According to the Utah statute of limitations, when it comes to a slip and fall incident, you have approximately 4 years to make a claim if you were injured. On the other hand, if you had a slip and fall, but were not injured but had personal property damaged due to the dangerous property conditions, you have 3 years for the statute of limitations. If you think you do have a case, it’s important to seek legal guidance now, rather than later before your time is up. Once your time is up and the statute of limitations has expired, unfortunately that’s it....

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What Is A Brain Injury and Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

By on Nov 7, 2017 in blog, Car Accidents, Personal Injury | 0 comments

Every single year, brain injuries account for 1.7 million deaths, ER visits and even hospitalizations. The really important factor you need to know about a brain injury is that you don’t need to be involved in an accident at a high rate of speed in order to have one. In fact, most people who hire a  brain injury lawyer have gotten the injury from a fall, sports activity, car accident or even work-related injuries. The 2 Types Of Brain Injuries There are 2 major types of brain injuries: Open and Closed. In an open brain injury the skill is fractured. This can be caused primarily because of the fact  your head comes into contact with another hard surface – such as a floor. On the other hand, a closed brain injury deals with an injury where you do not have a fractured skull, however, you might still have interior bleeding, swelling, formation of clots, etc. In some cases a closed injury can be more dangerous than an open one because of these factors. It doesn’t matter if its an open or closed injury though, any type of injury involving the brain, head or skull can cause paralysis, death, loss of speech, slurred speech, loss of memory and even cause you to go into a coma. Warning Signs Of A Brain Injury If you or a loved one has been in some sort of an accident and you want to know right then and there if they have a brain trauma or injury, there are certain questions you can ask them in order to try and figure it out. *Note: They should still go to the hospital. The warning signs include: – Confusion as to where they are, who they are, who you are – Sluggishness, being overly tired, loss of consciousness – Slurred speech, loss of speech, chopped speech – Severe headaches – Nausea, dizziness It’s also possible that you can suffer a brain injury and not feel like you are suffering at all. You should still immediately call 911. Common Brain Injuries Bruising and swelling within the skull from sports related accidents, car accidents or anything else force your brain to be jolted around. The amount of force this causes...

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Parking Lot Car Accident in West Valley City, Utah

By on Nov 7, 2017 in blog, Car Accidents, Personal Injury | 0 comments

A little while ago, I represented a client who was injured in a parking lot at Hunter High School in West Valley City, Utah. My client was a student at Hunter High School. During a break in classes, my client climbed on a friend’s car to play around. The friend was in the car and decided to drive forward through the parking lot with my client still on the vehicle. Unfortunately, my client fell off the car and struck his head on the asphalt of the Hunter High School parking lot in West Valley City, Utah. The impact caused injuries to his head and he couldn’t recall the event. The driver, in an attempt to avoid responsibility for driving with my client on the hood, made up a different story of how the events had transpired. That is when my client contacted me. We immediately began gathering facts surrounding the accident, including the Hunter High School incident report. It soon became apparent that the other students involved had been giving inconsistent stories about what occurred that day in West Valley City, Utah.  Finally, the driver admitted to changing the story of events about what had happened, but still claimed my client was responsible for getting up on the vehicle in the first place. We prepared a demand package and sent it to the insurance company. The insurance company decided to offer their policy limit, rather than fight me and my client in court. Because my client was under 18 years old, we then had to get court approval for his settlement. Any settlement to a minor in Utah where the minor will receive more than $10,000 requires court approval and a hearing. Finally, we were able to get the settlement approved and get my client compensated. If you have had an accident or injury, call us today. It doesn’t matter if the car accident happens on a highway, in a parking lot, or in a driveway. We can still assist you. Even if the other person is lying about what happened with the accident, we can usually investigate the facts of the accident and prove that they are not being truthful. Just like this car accident at Hunter High...

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Car Crash in West Valley City Resulting in Shoulder Injury

By on Oct 22, 2017 in blog, Car Accidents, Personal Injury, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Not too long ago I represented a client that was injured in a car accident in West Valley City, Utah. My client was injured when he was hit from behind by another car as he was waiting for a red light. His car was damaged. The trunk was smashed in a little bit, along with his bumper. Because of the way he was holding onto the steering wheel, he also injured his shoulder. The shoulder injury eventually required surgery. After he finished his medical treatment, I presented the insurance company with a demand package and a settlement amount. The insurance company eventually responded that they did not believe my client’s injuries came from the car accident in West Valley City, but rather, were from a previous work injury. While my client did have a previous shoulder injury from work, that injury was a couple years prior and he had been doing well up until the accident. At that point, I knew we were in for a fight with the insurance company. Had my client not hired me, he may have ended up taking a small settlement from the insurance company. I knew he deserved more, especially since he had substantial medical bills from the surgery and because he had missed quite a bit of work. I started the fight against the unfairness to my client by writing letters to his doctors asking for their opinion on the cause of my client’s injuries. Even the first letter from the surgeon did not satisfy the insurance company, so I had to have the surgeon write another letter explicitly refuting the insurance company’s assertions. I also provided the insurance company documents showing the my client’s prior injury was not problematic before the accident. To my surprise, the insurance company continued to deny our argument and would not offer my client the settlement he deserved. Finally, I filed a complaint in court and sent a copy to the insurance company. At that point, the insurance company knew we were serious and indeed we were. We knew a jury would give my client a fair amount. The insurance company apparently did as well. Finally, they admitted the car accident in West Valley City caused...

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