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Car Crash on Bangerter in West Valley City

By on Jan 5, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

A few months ago, I represented an injured client who was involved in a car crash on Bangerter Highway in West Valley City, Utah. My client entered the intersection on a green light to cross Bangerter Highway in West Valley City when he was suddenly struck on the side of his car by another car. When the police arrived at the scene of the accident, the other driver said that her brakes failed and suddenly she hit my client’s car. She then claimed that she had a yellow light. Fortunately, the officer at the scene did not just take the other driver’s word. He tested her brakes as the tow truck was pulling the car onto the tow bed. He thought that the brakes seemed to work fine. He further noted that the brake pedal was not sponge or soft and did not freely go to the floor. He also noticed that there was no leaking brake fluid or any skid marks before the crash. It was apparent to him that the other driver was not be truthful about the crash. Thanks in part to the good police work, my client was able to get a fair settlement and not have to take his case to court. He was also fortunate that his injuries were not too severe from the car crash. If you are not needing immediate medical attention, it can be helpful to suggest to police officers to check certain things, especially when the other driver is making claims such as her brakes failing. Another thing to keep an eye out for is an intoxicated driver. Sometimes the driver may only be buzzed and the police office might not notice. If you notice erratic behavior at the scene of the car accident, bring it to the police officer’s attention. Please call me if you have been injured or hurt in a car crash anywhere in Utah, but especially call me if the car accident is on Bangerter Highway in West Valley City....

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Car Crash in West Valley City Resulting in Shoulder Injury

By on Oct 22, 2017 in blog, Car Accidents, Personal Injury, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Not too long ago I represented a client that was injured in a car accident in West Valley City, Utah. My client was injured when he was hit from behind by another car as he was waiting for a red light. His car was damaged. The trunk was smashed in a little bit, along with his bumper. Because of the way he was holding onto the steering wheel, he also injured his shoulder. The shoulder injury eventually required surgery. After he finished his medical treatment, I presented the insurance company with a demand package and a settlement amount. The insurance company eventually responded that they did not believe my client’s injuries came from the car accident in West Valley City, but rather, were from a previous work injury. While my client did have a previous shoulder injury from work, that injury was a couple years prior and he had been doing well up until the accident. At that point, I knew we were in for a fight with the insurance company. Had my client not hired me, he may have ended up taking a small settlement from the insurance company. I knew he deserved more, especially since he had substantial medical bills from the surgery and because he had missed quite a bit of work. I started the fight against the unfairness to my client by writing letters to his doctors asking for their opinion on the cause of my client’s injuries. Even the first letter from the surgeon did not satisfy the insurance company, so I had to have the surgeon write another letter explicitly refuting the insurance company’s assertions. I also provided the insurance company documents showing the my client’s prior injury was not problematic before the accident. To my surprise, the insurance company continued to deny our argument and would not offer my client the settlement he deserved. Finally, I filed a complaint in court and sent a copy to the insurance company. At that point, the insurance company knew we were serious and indeed we were. We knew a jury would give my client a fair amount. The insurance company apparently did as well. Finally, they admitted the car accident in West Valley City caused...

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Obtener su deducible de seguro de automóvil de nuevo para su reclamación de daños de vehículos?

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¿Cómo obtiene su deducible de seguro de automóvil para su reclamo por daños a la propiedad? Digamos que usted está conduciendo por Redwood Road en West Valley City cuando se detiene en una luz roja. Desafortunadamente, el vehículo detrás de ti no se detiene y te golpea, golpeándote adelante. Su parachoques y el maletero de su coche están completamente destrozados. Ya no puede conducir su coche. El accidente automovilístico no fue tu culpa. Usted llega a la compañía de seguros de la persona que le golpeó y no devolver sus llamadas telefónicas. Usted necesita su coche fijado así que usted puede ir a trabajar, así que usted no puede sentarse alrededor de esperar para siempre para oír detrás de la compañía de la otra persona de seguro. Así que usted decide tener su compañía de seguros para arreglar su coche. Entonces usted descubre que tendrá que cubrir el deducible de $ 250 o $ 500. Pero el accidente no fue tu culpa! Hay algunas opciones. Dependiendo de qué compañía de seguros tiene y la situación con el accidente, algunas compañías de seguros en realidad renunciar a su deducible. Lo hacen porque pueden ver que se les reembolsará de la otra compañía de seguros. Otra opción es llegar a su cuenta de ahorros y pagar el deducible de su bolsillo. Si elige esta opción, asumiendo que el accidente no fue culpa suya, casi siempre obtendrá el dinero deducible más tarde. Tenga en cuenta que a veces el proceso puede tomar un tiempo dependiendo de la rapidez con que su propia compañía de seguros envía una solicitud a la otra compañía de seguros para pagarles todo lo que pagaron para arreglar su vehículo, más su deducible. Aunque normalmente esto sólo toma varias semanas, he visto situaciones en las que este proceso ha tomado varios meses, si no más. Mucho depende de la agresividad de su compañía de seguros. ¿Qué pasa si la compañía de seguros no renuncia al deducible y no tiene el dinero para pagar el deducible de su bolsillo? Aquí es donde tener un despacho de abogados ayudando con el accidente, como el nuestro, puede ser un gran beneficio. Si usted también tiene un caso de lesiones que estamos...

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