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3 Scenarios Where You Should Contact A West Jordan Car Accident Lawyer

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Every state has its own reasons behind why car accidents happen. In the state of Utah, one of the biggest reasons car accidents happen is because of speeding. Speeding has been the #1 factor for car accidents in 2013, 2014, and 2015.  #2  in 2015 was drunk driving, #4 was drunk driving in 2013 and 2014 and the #5 most common reason for accidents in 2013 and 2014 was failure to yield.  These could have been avoided if only people were a little more careful on the roadways. While these accidents could be avoided in the future, one thing you might not be able to avoid is hiring a West Jordan car accident lawyer. If  you’ve been involved in a car accident it will benefit you to hire someone who has knowledge about personal injury law. If you’ve ever wondered why you would need to hire a car accident lawyer for a vehicular accident here are three scenarios in which one might come in handy. Insurance Company Is Not Cooperating If you get into an accident in Utah one of you will be held responsible for the accident. When dealing with an insurance company and a car accident you might find that the insurance company is simply not cooperating in the manner that you had hoped. If the insurance company or carrier that was also involved in the accident is disputing your claim, then its definitely time to hire a West Jordan car accident lawyer. An insurer is more likely to take a claim from a lawyer more seriously.  Your lawyer will also be able to avoid costly mistakes that you might otherwise make by dealing with the accident on your own. Liability Disputes When you are in a car accident, especially in the state of Utah, you have to prove that your claim is true. This means  you will need to gather evidence such as witness statements in order to prove that you were in the right and the other person was in the wrong. Dealing with witness statements and police reports is not always the easiest thing in the world – not only to get a hold of, but to properly understand. Thankfully a West Jordan car accident lawyer can help you get the evidence you need. help you understand the evidence and get testimony from an expert accident Reconstruction professional. When You Have Bodily Harm Done If you’ve been in a really bad car accident and you aren’t just looking for reimbursement for your car, but for any bodily harm done, hiring a West Jordan car accident lawyer can help you to get the lost wages and compensation you really deserve. According to Doctors, something like a spinal cord injury can take any where from $1 million to $5 million dollars for a lifetime of therapy and treatment! If you’ve sustained bodily harm and you need to figure out what the damages really are, this can become quite complex. Which is when a lawyer can come in to help you figure out medical bills as well as lost income, now and in the future. If you need a lawyer to help investigate your car crash and give you the support you need or get the compensation you truly deserve, it’s a good idea to contact call Symkoviak Law Firm at...

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5 Reasons You Need A West Valley City Car Accident Attorney

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Most car accident victims will benefit from hiring a West Valley city car accident attorney as soon as a car accident happens. If you’re questioning why a lawyer with experience in this type of law would be beneficial to you, here are a few reasons. Many people that have a car accident think it is best to  handle it on their own. But you may be surprised by all the benefits a lawyer can offer you if you’ve suffered a personal injury from a car accident. A Lawyer Will Become Your Voice From the time you retain a West Valley city car accident attorney until the time your claim is finished, your lawyer will be there every step of the way. Not only will they be your voice if the case goes to trial, but your lawyer will be how you will communicate with the  insurance company and the driver of the other vehicle. It’s important when you get into a car accident – whether it is your fault or not, that you don’t just talk to anyone about the accident, so your own words cannot jeopardize any claims you have.  It’s also important to hire a West Valley city car accident attorney to do the talking for you. Investigation Procedures When a car accident happens you need to gather evidence such as police reports to prove who was at fault. If you are unable to or  don’t know how to go about this, hiring a West Valley city car accident attorney is one of the best options. A lawyer will be able to handle and provide all the evidence for the claim for the insurance company or to prove in front of a judge and jury why you deserve compensation. Evaluation Of Compensation A lawyer will also be the one that will be in charge of figuring out how much compensation you should get.  Emotional distress,  physical bodily harm, or loss of income and more, calculating what you should get can become a long and complex process. A lawyer who deals with this type of personal injury often knows exactly how to evaluate your claim and figure out what type of compensation you should be getting for  lost income or present/future health issues that revolve around the accident. They Will be Your Advocate A majority of car accident are settled out of court.  But, if you have an accident that ends up going to trial, you will need an advocate on your side who will help you with your case and speak on your behalf. Laws Differ From State to State If you’ve recently moved to Utah, you may not be aware of all the different laws and regulations  put into place for insurance companies. These include the right to sue or not sue, or even fault vs no fault claims. if this is the case then you definitely need to consider hiring a lawyer in that state who deals with that states laws daily. Even if you have lived in Utah your entire life, there may have never been a time you were in an accident and will need an experienced professional to help you through the claim. By hiring Symkoviak Law Firm you can rest assured that we will get you the compensation you deserve and be an advocate to help give you support during this stressful time. When you need a Utah personal injury lawyer on your side, call Symkoviak...

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Back and Neck Injuries in Car Accidents

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Back and neck injuries are some of the most common injuries that we see after car accidents. During a car accident, the body is often thrust violently forward or sideways and then back the opposite direction. This movement frequently causes damages to the back and neck. The severity of these injuries greatly varies from accident to accident. Sometimes a person will suffer a soft-tissue or whiplash type injury. The damages can result in more severe injuries that require significant medical attention. Most people who suffer from back and neck injuries will begin with conservative treatment to see if it resolves their pain and problems. Conservative treatment typically refers to chiropractic treatment or physical therapy. If this treatment does not resolve the issues, the next step may include attempting  trigger point injections, an epidural, or similar medications to seek relief. If these and other treatment options do not resolve the issue, surgery may be required. Sometimes, a client will be put under a pain management routine if surgery is not likely to be successful or helpful. One of the things we can assist our clients with is making sure they receive the medical treatment that they need. Some physicians can be dismissive about neck and back injuries from car accidents. However, we can always assist in finding a doctor for a second opinion or help find you to a specialist. The only person who truly knows the pain you are in is yourself. Call us today so we can...

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File Your Claim Before the Utah Statute of Limitations Expires

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Many times, after a tragic car accident or other accidental injury or death, claimants delay on filing a lawsuit because  they are busy focusing on the chaos and turmoil the accident has happened.   While immediate medical attention, comforting of family and friends, and getting your life back into some semblance of order must be first priorities, you shouldn’t delay too long on contacting an experienced personal injury lawyer after a Utah accident. Utah Statutes of Limitations In Utah, as in all other U.S. states, there is a specific time period in which a claim must be filed for various types of accidental property damage, injury, or death. These rules vary from state to state, so it is important to hire a lawyer fully familiar with the way the system works in Utah. Here is the statute of limitations breakdown relevant to possible tort actions in Utah: For medical malpractice injuries, product liability lawsuits, and wrongful death suits the statute of limitations is 2 years. For property damage lawsuits, the statute of limitations is 3 years. For personal injury actions, your claim must be filed within 4 years of the date of injury. In most cases, the clock starts running from the date of the injury, but there are times when it will begin on the date of discovery of the injury or could be delayed (“tolled”) for other reasons. A good injury lawyer will know all of these details and will also know how to go through the legal process of properly filing your lawsuit with speed. Note that when the liable party for an injury is the Utah state government or a state of Utah employee, you only have 1 year to file your claim or lose that right forever.  If the claim is initially declined, you have 1 more year to file an appeal. Other Factors in Utah Personal Injury Suits In addition to the statute of limitations, there are other important legal matters that will affect your ability to be fairly compensated for your injury. Utah is a no-fault auto insurance state.  This means  there are limitations placed on filing claims for auto insurance. If the cost of the injury is low or the injury  not very serious, your own insurance must cover the claim regardless of who was at fault. This would force you to pay a portion of your medical expenses and lost income out of pocket and not collect for pain and suffering (“non-economic”) damages. But a good Utah injury lawyer can help you get past the no-fault rule in many cases by showing that your injury was serious, debilitating, or permanent and by showing the true costs inflicted on you were sufficiently high. You should also be aware that Utah is a “modified comparative fault state.”  This means  your claim will be reduced by the percentage of fault for the accident/injury that is assigned to you (if any). If your fault is deemed at 50% or higher, you cannot collect anything. Not that non-economic damages in Utah are capped at $450,000 in cases of medical malpractice, but not for car accidents or any other cause of injury. Contact Us Today For Help At Symkoviak Law Firm, we have experience in handling Utah personal injury cases and securing the maximum possible reimbursements for our clients. We know how to navigate the...

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Obtener su deducible de seguro de automóvil de nuevo para su reclamación de daños de vehículos?

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¿Cómo obtiene su deducible de seguro de automóvil para su reclamo por daños a la propiedad? Digamos que usted está conduciendo por Redwood Road en West Valley City cuando se detiene en una luz roja. Desafortunadamente, el vehículo detrás de ti no se detiene y te golpea, golpeándote adelante. Su parachoques y el maletero de su coche están completamente destrozados. Ya no puede conducir su coche. El accidente automovilístico no fue tu culpa. Usted llega a la compañía de seguros de la persona que le golpeó y no devolver sus llamadas telefónicas. Usted necesita su coche fijado así que usted puede ir a trabajar, así que usted no puede sentarse alrededor de esperar para siempre para oír detrás de la compañía de la otra persona de seguro. Así que usted decide tener su compañía de seguros para arreglar su coche. Entonces usted descubre que tendrá que cubrir el deducible de $ 250 o $ 500. Pero el accidente no fue tu culpa! Hay algunas opciones. Dependiendo de qué compañía de seguros tiene y la situación con el accidente, algunas compañías de seguros en realidad renunciar a su deducible. Lo hacen porque pueden ver que se les reembolsará de la otra compañía de seguros. Otra opción es llegar a su cuenta de ahorros y pagar el deducible de su bolsillo. Si elige esta opción, asumiendo que el accidente no fue culpa suya, casi siempre obtendrá el dinero deducible más tarde. Tenga en cuenta que a veces el proceso puede tomar un tiempo dependiendo de la rapidez con que su propia compañía de seguros envía una solicitud a la otra compañía de seguros para pagarles todo lo que pagaron para arreglar su vehículo, más su deducible. Aunque normalmente esto sólo toma varias semanas, he visto situaciones en las que este proceso ha tomado varios meses, si no más. Mucho depende de la agresividad de su compañía de seguros. ¿Qué pasa si la compañía de seguros no renuncia al deducible y no tiene el dinero para pagar el deducible de su bolsillo? Aquí es donde tener un despacho de abogados ayudando con el accidente, como el nuestro, puede ser un gran beneficio. Si usted también tiene un caso de lesiones que estamos manejando, podemos arreglar un anticipo en efectivo para cubrir el deducible. Tenga en cuenta que muchas oficinas de abogados no ayudará con estos adelantos en efectivo, pero lo hacemos como un servicio para nuestros clientes. Si esta es su situación, póngase en contacto con nosotros y podemos discutir los detalles de cómo funciona exactamente y cómo puede beneficiarse. 801-738-9999. Esperamos...

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Getting your automobile insurance deductible back for your vehicle damage claim?

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How do you get your automobile insurance deductible back for your property damage claim? Let’s say you are driving down Redwood Road in West Valley City when you come to a stop at a red light. Unfortunately, the vehicle behind you doesn’t stop and hits you, slamming you forward.  Your bumper and the trunk of your car are completely smashed in.  You can’t drive your car anymore. The car accident wasn’t your fault. You reach out to the insurance company of the person that hit you and they don’t return your phone calls. You need your car fixed so you can go to work, so you can’t sit around waiting forever to hear back from the other person’s insurance company. So you decide to have your insurance company fix your car. Then you find out you will have to cover the $250 or $500 deductible. But the accident wasn’t your fault! There are a few options. Depending on which insurance company you have and the situation with the accident, some insurance companies will actually waive your deductible. They do this because they can see that they will get reimbursed from the other insurance company. Another option is to reach into your savings account and pay the deductible out of pocket. If you choose this option, assuming the accident was not your fault, you will nearly always get the deductible money back later. Keep in mind that sometimes the process can take a while depending on how quickly your own insurance company sends a request to the other insurance company to pay them back everything they paid to fix your vehicle, plus your deductible. While typically this takes only several weeks, I’ve seen situations where this process has taken several months, if not longer. A lot depends on how aggressive your insurance company is. What if you insurance company won’t waive the deductible and you don’t have the money to pay the deductible out of pocket? This is where having a law office helping you with the accident, such as ours, can be a big benefit. If you also have an injury case that we are handling, we can arrange for a cash advance for you to cover the deductible. Keep in mind that many law offices will not assist with these cash advances, but we do as a service for our clients. If this is your situation, contact us and we can discuss the details of exactly how this works and how you can benefit. 801-738-9999. We look forward to assisting...

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Getting compensation and a settlement after a car accident

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Let’s talk about getting compensation and a settlement after a car accident. In Utah, you have to have at least $3,000 in medical bills, or meet another qualification, in order to make a claim for pain and suffering. What is pain and suffering compensation? Compensation for pain and suffering is money that you get to compensate you for having to deal with and endure the pain from the accident. It can also include compensating you for not being able to do the things your normal do as you recuperate from your injuries. This is different from compensation for medical expenses or lost wages, which are usually calculated to the exact dollar amount. In contrast, compensation for pain and suffering is subjective. This is the category of damages where it really helps to have an advocate and lawyer working for you. How much should you be given for a back sprain?  Or a whiplash injury? Or a broken forearm? Or a concussion? Certainly the more serious an injury is, the more your settlement is going to be, which makes sense. As an attorney, I have handled thousands of cases, so I have a pretty good idea of what an insurance company might think is fair for pain in suffering. I also have good knowledge of arbitration awards and jury verdicts, so I also know what possibilities and probabilities might await you should you chose that route. Unfortunately, I have met with people and potential clients that did not realize the true value of their case and settled with the insurance company. Depending on the circumstances, once you have agreed to a settlement and signed a release, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to get out of such settlement. You are basically stuck. That is why it is always good to consult with an attorney before you sign anything with the insurance company. As mentioned above, the more serious injuries you have, the higher your settlement will be. This is also true with the more serious medical treatment you undergo. For example, if you have surgery, like a lumbar or cervical fusion, your case could be worth 10 times more than if you did not have such surgery. The reason is because surgery has a big impact on peoples lives. Some people never properly heal from surgery. Others miss a substantial amount of work. Unfortunately, some end up needing revision surgeries. I am always happy to answer questions about what a case is worth, even if you don’t retain my services. Feel free to call me today....

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How to make a claim if the other driver doesn’t have insurance

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How do you make a claim if the other driver doesn’t have insurance? Unfortunately, there are other drivers out there in Salt Lake City and Utah that do not have automobile insurance, as required by the law. What happens when one of these drivers runs a red-light and hits you? Or if one of these drivers is following you too closely on the freeway and rear-ends your car when traffic ahead stops suddenly? Fortunately, there are coverages to protect you from other drivers without insurance. With regards to the damage to your vehicle, if you have full coverage or property damage coverage on your own vehicle, you can use your own insurance to get your car or truck fixed or replaced. You will still have to cover the deductible though unfortunately. However, there is a coverage called uninsured property damage coverage that will cover you in these situations. Most people do not carry this coverage though, but check your policy to see if you have it. If you have been injured, you can make a claim with your own insurance company with what is called an uninsured motorist claim or what is commonly referred to as a UM claim. Normally, your UM limits are equal to your current liability limits. In Utah, the minimum liability limits are $25,000 per person and $65,000 per accident.  However, your policy might much higher limits, such as a $500,000 single limit. The limits is the maximum your insurance company will pay, not what they value your claim at. Therefor, it is still beneficial to hire an attorney, as you will normally get a much higher offer from your insurance company. There are also some good options with going to arbitration against your own insurance, including a statute that allows you to get part of your money up-front from the insurance company, before you even begin the arbitration process. Be aware that sometimes insurance companies will have you sign a waiver to lower your UM coverage or eliminate it completely. They do this because it is a few dollars or small percentage cheaper for you, but it is not worth it in my opinion. I have successfully been able to get some of these waivers removed, as the insurance company did not comply with all the exact steps required by the law for the waiver. So even if you signed a waiver, it is still worth your time to have an attorney review your case. I’m always here to help....

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Get Fair Compensation for Accidental Death

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No amount of money can replace a loved one.  But if you have lost a loved one through due to an accidental death, you are legally entitled to compensation for expenses related to the loss.  This allows dependents left behind to pick up the pieces and move on without worrying about financial issues related to  medical bills, loss of income, and other related expenses. Legal Help for an Accidental Death in a Car Accident If you lost a loved one in a car accident, your focus should be about helping your family cope with the loss. Worrying about compensation, medical bills, and other financial issues should be left to the lawyers. If your loved one’s accidental death happened in the greater Salt Lake area, Provo, Ogden, West Jordan, West Valley City or another part of  Utah, look no further than Symkoviak Law Firm. Don’t Fall for It In many cases, those who are involved in a car accident have car insurance. However, insurance companies are businesses with the bottom line on their mind. For this reason, insurance companies may not be straightforward about honoring a claim. They may deny or delay a claim or offer compensation that is inadequate. Symkoviak Law Firm has been dealing with such scenarios for years and emerged victorious for thousands of clients. We take on all types of car accident cases. This includes motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle, and semi-truck accidents, as well as wrongful death cases. What We will Do for You When you come in for a consultation, you will speak directly to one of our lawyers.  We understand that you need the case to be resolved  as soon as possible, so will do what we can to make the process as stress-free as possible. You will always get fair treatment and understanding from our lawyers. We know that the loss of a loved one will have a great impact on your life. This is why you will get skilled, experienced and dedicated accidental death lawyers working on your case who will  give you the best chance of getting fair and adequate compensation. Call Us Our offices are in the greater Salt Lake City area. However, we can come to you at your home and office anywhere in Utah if you are unable to come to our offices for one reason or another. We will do a free consultation with no obligation. Contact us and let us help you to get the compensation  you deserve so you or others left behind can have the means to pick up the pieces and get on with life. Since we started handling personal injury cases, we have handled and successfully resolved close to two thousand car accident and personal injury cases. We will represent you and ensure that your story ends with you getting the compensation and justice you so richly...

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How Do I Get the Most Money for My Personal Injury Settlement?

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How do I get the most money for my personal injury settlement? This is a question I frequently hear when I talk with someone who has been in a car accident. The question is justified as there are often past medical bills to pay, future medical bills, and sometimes a lifetime of suffering. The first issue we have to address is what are the insurance company policy limits? According to Utah law, when you are in a car accident, the other driver is required to have insurance.  The insurance of the other driver will have limits on the amount they will pay on behalf of their driver. The limits are typically broken down into separate categories for bodily injury and property damage. For example, in Utah the minimum is $25,000 per person or $65,000 combined for bodily injury. However, the driver may have insurance limits that are much higher, sometimes $100,000 per person or sometimes even a $500,000 combined single limit. Commercial vehicles, such as most semi-trucks, will have insurance limits even higher. It is not unusual to see a $1,000,000 policy or even a $5,000,000 policy. If the other driver does not have sufficient insurance or have any insurance, another type of claim can be made, which will be addressed in a another blog. The next step to maximize your recovery by getting the necessary and proper treatment. If your doctor or the ER doctor recommends that you see a specialist, you should do this, even if you don’t have health insurance. We can arrange for financing or liens so that our clients can get the treatment that they need. If you do not follow your doctor’s recommendations, the insurance company might point out that you are being non-compliant. Sometimes it is also important to get a second opinion. Some doctors can be dismissive of patients who have been involved in car accidents. I have even seen this in the ER. Maybe the doctor or the ER are overwhelmed on that particular day and they just want to get the patient out as soon as possible so they can treat other patients. In those situations, we can help you find a doctor to get a second opinion. It is always better to know now for sure whether or not you have been insured, rather than to find out 5 years later after you have already settled your case. In addition to these above, there are numerous strategy options that I pursue for my clients to enhance their recovery. Some of these are far too detailed for this blog and some involve complicated legal maneuvers. There is a reason statics show that those clients who have an attorney representing them often have settlements three times higher than those without an attorney. I just recently help a woman in West Valley City who had been in a car accident. The insurance company offered her nothing at first, as she had gone through an intersection on a yellow light. After a few months of fighting and arguing with the insurance company, I was able to get them to offer their policy limit. Their offer went from $0 to the limit. That is what an attorney can do for you. Call me today- I’d love to help....

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