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What Happened in a Rollover Accident in Utah?

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KSL – Rollover Accident involving 4 Teenagers

What Happened in a Rollover Accident in Utah?

On March 19th at around 11am, a rollover accident was reported in Juab County.  A group of four teenagers were driving a vehicle on Weiss Highway towards the Sand Mountains. The vehicle made a quick turn, when they lost controlled and the car spun, flipped and rolled off the road.

Three of the four teenagers were ejected from the vehicle, likely not wearing seatbelt, although the incident is still under investigation. Unfortunately and sadly, one of the teenagers passed away at the scene from head injuries. Another one of the boys suffered head trauma but was alive and air flighted to a nearby hospital. And the other two boys suffered minor injuries and were taken to the hospital as well via ambulance.

Although still under strong investigation like stated above, it sounds like speed may have been one of the culprits.

For more information on the accident, please visit KSL: Rollover Crash 3/19/23

In todays blog we will further discuss some information on Rollover Accidents.


What is a Rollover Accident?

First, what is a Rollover Accident. A rollover is an automobile crash where one or more vehicles tip, flip and/or land on their side, roof, or end up turning back upright. Depending on the speed and force of the crash, the vehicle(s) may roll over once or multiple times prior to stopping. They are more common in single car accidents, and do tend to result in very serious injuries.

You may ask yourself, if certain vehicles are more susceptible to rollover accidents. The answer is yes. SUVs, Jeeps, trucks and vans tend to rollover easier than sedans or cars that have a lower center of gravity. Over the years to fight this detrimental statistics, manufactures have improved and redesigned these vehicles to decrease rollover potential, so when choosing a car, keep in mind older models are even more at risk for rollovers than newer models.


What are Potential Causes of Rollover Accidents?

  1. A collision with another vehicle – whenever you hit another vehicle, depending on the angle, speed and force exerted, your vehicle or the other drivers vehicle may rollover on impact.
  2. Speeding – in the accident discussed above, taking a curve at high speeds can cause your car to spin out control, your tires to loose grip on the road, potentially causing your vehicle to rollover and off the road.
  3. Tripping – this occurs when one of the cars’ tires hits something on the road. Some common blockages including hitting a ditch or a curb, a large rock, road hazards, or any obstructing item. This will cause a shift in the weight of the car leading to a loss of balance and consequently a rollover.
  4. Severe weather – this is a predominant issue especially in our state. Rain, snow and icy road, like we’ve discussed in previous blogs, make it very difficult to drive on the roads. The roads are slippery leading to loss of control, which in turn leads to skidding, sliding, and possibly a rollover.
  5. Vehicle Maintenance – brakes and tires in poor conditions can definitely cause you to lose control of your car leading to a rollover.

Keep in mind, most rollover accidents are a combination of the some or all of the above. For example, while high speeds alone wont necessarily cause the crash, it is a major contributor; and traveling a high speeds, while making a sharp turn, while on an icy road is a recipe for disaster.

For more information on roll over causes and information, please visit Progressive: What is a Rollover?


Rollover Statistics

  • Some stats to keep in mind, roughly 80% of rollover accidents involve a single auto accident like the case above.
  • Most occur from a loss of control of the vehicle.
  • In 2019 alone, rollovers accounted for greater than 6000 deaths for the year, an alarming number.


What Can We Do to Prevent a Rollover Accident?

  1. Make sure your vehicle maintenance is up to date, this includes, brakes, tires, etc.
  2. Although most cars now employ advanced safety features, I would make sure to make this an exclusion criteria when purchasing a new or used vehicle
  3. Do not overload your vehicle making it too heavy. This will cause it to be less balanced and steady.
  4. Avoid speeding at all times, especially when making turns or in inclement weather.
  5. Don’t respond to the text message or phone call you receive while driving until you are at a stop. Avoid distracted driving.
  6. Although wearing a seatbelt wont prevent a rollover, it will decrease the chances of severe injuries and fatal accidents, so please always wear your seatbelt.


Symco Injury Law Can Help

We first want to offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the teenagers affected in the accident. It is a very sad tragedy to lose such a young life.

We hope you have found the blog insightful and have learned a little bit about rollover accidents and ways to prevent them.

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