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Why Bad Weather Leads to Car Accidents

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Why Bad Weather Leads To Car Accidents

Bad weather leads to car accidents- but why? Winter is now here, and along with it comes bad weather. Unfortunately, that also means an increase in car accidents. So the question is why bad weather leads to car accidents.

Poor road conditions are one reason bad weather leads to car accidents

Bad weather brings bad road conditions. Whether it is rain or snow, water on the road is bad for motorists. Water in any form diminishes the ability of cars to stop or maneuver on the roadway. This bad weather leads to car accidents. Snow or ice diminishes the stopping ability of vehicles more than water, but it can depend on specific conditions. For example, if there is too much water on a road, a vehicle can hydroplane on the water, which also leads to loss of control. Ice and especially black ice are extremely difficult to drive on, due to a low coefficient of friction, which is a fancy way of saying that the surface is very slippery.

Driver error is another reason bad weather leads to car accidents

Despite poor road conditions, nearly all roads can be safely driven in bad weather if the driver drives appropriately for the conditions. In Utah, it is illegal to drive to fast for road conditions. In other words, even if the speed limit is 65 mph on the freeway, it may be illegal to drive 65 mph on the freeway during a blizzard, if there are poor road conditions. If you cause a car accident driving the speed limit, you could still be responsible for other drivers’ damages and injuries if the conditions did not justify you driving the speed limit. Many people are unaware of this concept and legal responsibility.

Some roads now have variable speed limits to account for changing road conditions, which complies with concept of Utah law. For example, Parleys Canyon between Salt Lake City, Utah and Park City, Utah has speed limit signs that are electronic and change depending on the conditions. The officials who put in these signs clearly understand that bad weather leads to car accidents.

Bad weather leads to car accidents

Bad weather leads to car accidents

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