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in Salt Lake City, Utah and West Valley City, Utah

Since 2009, Symkoviak Law Firm has been a trusted provider of legal representation in Utah, including Salt Lake City and West Valley City. Our car accident lawyers in Utah have seen the devastating effects auto accidents can have not just on the victims, but on their families as well.

These individuals have suffered, not just in the form of physical injuries, but also emotional distress, loss of income and lower quality of life, and deserve compensation and restitution.

To achieve that, we work closely with each of our clients. In every case, you speak directly and frequently with our experienced attorneys instead of communicating through paralegals. As we have seen from thousands of past cases that we’ve handled, this approach leads to better results.


Serving You Beyond Legal Help

Utah’s traffic laws can be complicated.  With over 15 years of legal experience, we are able to explain the laws to you and help you make informed decisions.

We’re here to help you, even in matters such as getting cash advances so you can get relief while you’re recovering and waiting for a resolution to your legal claims.

If you have been involved in an auto accident anywhere in Utah, including Salt Lake City, Sugarhouse, West Jordan or West Valley City and are in need of proper legal representation, trust Symkoviak Law Firm to give it to you. Contact us today at (801) 738-9999.

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Legal Services

Legal Services


We have helped hundreds of clients who have been injured in car accidents over the years. That is why our law office is one of the best and most trusted in Utah, serving all areas including Salt Lake City, Sugarhouse, West Jordan, West Valley City and Draper. Get in touch with us today so we can help you with your injury case.

Here is how we helped this client: 

“Knowing nothing when it came to attorneys Jeffrey has made it a breeze when it came to my car accident. He was helpful with the whole process, always explained everything thoroughly and communication was always excellent. Couldn’t have had a better experience, I highly recommend contacting him.”-Jennifer M., West Valley City, UT

Our Case Results

Our Case Results


The successful results of the thousands of past cases we’ve handled speak louder than words. Our clients praise us for helping them win, from simplifying complicated provisions to communicating promptly. Get legal representation from us and experience our professionalism firsthand.

Here is just one example:

“My experience with Jeff Symkoviak was far more than what I expected and far less effort on my part to get what I needed done. He is a great person to get legal help from. I will refer anyone to him from here on out!!!! I was in a car accident and needed some assistance. The laws and my rights regarding a car accident are basically a foreign language to me and he was exceptional. He broke it down how it worked in simple terms and just got the ball rolling so quickly. He is prompt and quick to get back to you if you miss each other. I can’t believe how simple he made it all. .” -Justice Cook

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials


In the past 10 years, we’ve received praise and thanks from our clients for our work. We show them we care, not just by doing our jobs, but by making sure our clients get the fairest treatment possible.

This is just one of many satisfied clients:

“I had a different lawyer at first on my case he said that there was nothing he could do to help me then I came across this article on line called him and now I give out his number to everyone and will continue to do so it’s been wonderful working with this firm and I think they truly care about all of there clients.”-Dan Miller

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