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We understand how difficult being in an accident can be. There are lots of things to worry about: doctors visits, living expenses, and hospital bills. Let us take care of the legal stuff so you can focus on what is really important: your family, and getting better.

We have handled hundreds of cases including car accidents, slip and fall cases, dog bites, and even wrongful death. We go above and beyond to get you every dollar you deserve from your case. Take a look at our legal services and contact us for a free consultation. Being in an accident is painful enough, working with a lawyer doesn’t have to be.

Car Accidents


Car accidents and other types of motor vehicle collisions can cause severe injuries. Injury accident victims often require extensive medical treatment and care. If the victim is unable to return to work, they have no way to pay their medical bills or living expenses. If you were injured in a collision that wasn’t your fault, you could be entitled to compensation for your medical treatment, lost income, pain and suffering, and more.

Slip and Fall


Property owners and managers have a legal obligation to maintain their property in a manner that does not pose unnecessary harm to others. If they fail to uphold this duty and someone gets hurt as a result, the at-fault party could be liable for the victim’s economic and non-economic damages. If you sustained injuries in a slip and fall accident, you deserve justice and financial compensation for your damages.

Wrongful Death


If a loved one died as a result of a injuries caused by another party, you could be entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim. You may be eligible to recover compensation for funeral and burial costs, emotional trauma, loss of financial support, loss of care and companionship, and more.

In Utah, the Symco Injury Law Group fights to get justice for the wrongfully injured. We protect your legal rights and work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve. We assist clients in Draper and throughout Utah. Contact us today for a free case evaluation or to speak directly with one of our Utah personal injury lawyers.