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Personal Injury Lawyer in Salt Lake City

For more than a decade, Symkoviak Law Firm has been providing citizens of Salt Lake City with the best representation and legal services in personal injury and car accident cases. We go above and beyond for every client because we know how difficult a personal injury can be, not just physically but also the emotional and financial toll it can take on your life and the life of your family.


The Right Attorneys with the Right Experience

You wouldn’t choose a doctor who specializes in taking care of kids to help diagnose and treat your elderly parents, and choosing an attorney should be no different. You need a lawyer who specializes in working on personal injury cases in Salt Lake City; the right kind of experience ensures you get the compensation you deserve from the insurance company and you won’t be taken advantage of by a system that is designed to give you the lowest possible settlement from insurance companies with extensive legal representation and a duty to protect their client (the company they insure). That often leaves accident victims at a disadvantage unless they are working with an attorney who has experience. We only work with accident victims on personal injury cases, which means every attorney at Symkoviak Law Firm has the expertise to win your case.

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Proven Track Record Taking on Insurance Companies

At Symkoviak Law Firm, we have over a decade of experience taking on insurance companies and getting clients compensation for everything from physical injuries to emotional distress, lost wages, and more. Many accident victims need much more than just payment for medical bills, and our goal is to get you as much as we can to help you navigate a new world after the dramatic changes that come in the wake of a significant accident.

With our extensive track record of success in more than 1,000 cases, insurance companies have come to know our reputation for aggressively going after fair compensation following an accident.


Frequent Communication with Your Attorneys

We know nothing is more frustrating than hiring an attorney and then never being able to get a hold of them to talk about your case. That’s why our team is dedicated to ensuring that every client receives regular communication and updates on your case, not just from an assistant or paralegal, but directly from your lawyer. We’ll help you understand even the most complicated parts of the law and legal proceedings so you feel comfortable at all times during your case and you never feel like you are being ignored or forgotten.


Free Consultation and Case Review

If you were in an accident and need a personal injury attorney in Salt Lake City, contact Symkoviak Law Firm today for a free case review and consultation to find out if hiring an attorney is the right decision for you.