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6 Things Insurance Companies Won’t Tell You | Stay Protected with a Car Accident Lawyer

6 Things Insurance Companies Won’t Tell You | Stay Protected with a Car Accident Lawyer

By on Sep 4, 2014 in blog |

1. Insurance companies want to see your medical records and past injury claims.

They will try and get you to sign a release allowing them to access your records. Do not sign anything allowing this. They will try to look for similar injuries or claims from the past and use them to say it was a pre-existing problem. If this happens, they will try and reduce the amount of money they will pay you for your current injury.

2. Insurance may look on your social media accounts to try and prove you are lying, etc.

If you consider this an invasion of privacy, it is best that you make your social media accounts private.

3. Insurance companies will contact you quickly after the accident and over a recorded phone call ask you to answer various questions in order to get you to say certain things.

Do not agree to this, they can use anything against you. It is best to have them speak with your car accident lawyer.

4. It is likely the insurance company will fail to tell you they may not cover all the medical bills.

Using a standard they refer to as “reasonable and customary”, they will see how much other doctors charge for the same treatment. These other doctors may review your services and tell the insurance company if they were necessary. If it is decided some services were not necessary they will try not to pay for them. These doctors are paid for these reviews, so it is common for them to tell the the insurance company what they want.

5. The companies may also fail to tell you they will only cover treatment for a pre-determined period of time.

This is based upon how long the paid doctors tell them it should take to recover. They will state you should have had plenty of time to recover in the given amount of time.

6. Insurance companies also don’t want your car accident lawyer to tell you there are a lot of necessary documents that must be provided for them to cover lost wages.

They may not pay you for the entire time you were off work because they may believe you did not need to be off work for as long as you did.



In addition to these six things, there is a lot more involved in car accident cases that you are probably unaware of. Symco Injury Law can protect you from insurance companies and ensure that you receive all the compensation that you deserve. We have a car accident lawyer ready to speak with you now about your case! Call us today at 801-738-9999 for a free consultation.