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Accidents in Draper, Utah

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Accidents in Draper, Utah

Accidents Involving Wrong-Way Drivers and Accidents in Draper, Utah

Per, this past winter, Utah Highway Patrol reported three separate incidences that involved wrong-way drivers causing auto accidents in Utah. These all occurred within four days of each other! Thankfully, in two of the cases the troopers were able to use their vehicles to stop the drivers before they hit other cars. But unfortunately, in the third situation there were several vehicles involved; there were multiple injuries and one fatality.

The Utah Highway Patrol reports that “wrong-way driving happens in spurts, with wrong-way drivers being spotted over the summer and multiple times over the last four days.” As a responsible driver in Draper, Utah, you can be part of the solution to prevent and avoid accidents that involve wrong-way drivers. This is especially important as the summer months are approaching in Utah. See

Prevention: Never Drive While Under the Influence

At least two of the people responsible for the above-mentioned auto accidents in Utah were driving while under the influence. With summer approaching and many vacations and events happening that involve alcohol, it is important to remember to plan ahead. If you are planning on drinking (or even decide last minute to drink), make sure that you have a designated driver. Never get behind the wheel of a vehicle in Draper, Utah if you have been drinking alcohol.

Prevention: Drive Defensively

While you are driving in Draper, Utah, it is important to drive defensively. You cannot always control what the other drivers will or will not do. You need to always be on the lookout for driving that has the potential to cause an accident in Draper. If you do happen to see someone driving the wrong way in Draper, use some of the following tips to avoid an accident. First, move out of the way as soon as you spot the vehicle coming your way. Make sure it is safe to move over. Always check your blind spots before moving over. Pull off the roadway or at least on to the shoulder of the road. Once you are out of the way, honk and flash your lights. It is possible that the other driver made a mistake and didn’t realize they were driving the wrong way. It is also a good idea to call 911. Although you may have avoided an accident, calling the incident in to the Draper Police will help protect others that are on the road. Defensive driving is one of the best ways to avoid auto accidents in Draper, Utah.

Prevention: Know What to do if YOU Are the Wrong-Way Driver

What should you do if you find yourself accidentally driving the wrong way on a road in Draper, Utah? Accidents do happen. Even the best of drivers can be confused by different signage or when roads are under construction. Everyone who lives in Utah, knows that the summer season means road construction. If you happen to find yourself driving the wrong way on a road in Draper, Utah, the most important thing to do is to move out of the way of oncoming traffic. Turn on your hazard lights so that you are visible to other drivers. Once you have moved to the side, wait until the road is clear and safely execute a U-turn so that you will be driving the correct direction. If a U-turn is not feasible, when the road is clear, slowly back up until you can safely start driving the correct way. Remember not to panic. Knowing what to do and staying calm is the best course of action if you find yourself driving the wrong way on a road in Draper, Utah. Please do everything you can to avoid accidents in Draper, Utah.

Unfortunately, accidents in Draper, Utah are not always avoidable. However, making sure to plan ahead if you will be drinking, driving defensively and knowing what to do if you find yourself driving the wrong way are great ways to help you avoid an accident and also ensure that you are not the cause of the accident in Utah. Information from:

Accidents in Draper, Utah

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