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Auto Homicide Explained

Auto Homicide Explained

By on Aug 7, 2015 in blog |

west jordan car accident lawyerTragedy in West Jordan, Utah: Innocent Lives Destroyed by Vehicular Homicide

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 – a motorist was sharing a ride to school with his granddaughter on Redwood Road at 8200 South when a speeding pickup truck plowed into the driver’s side of their Nissan Altima and smashed it into a ditch.

The driver of the pickup truck –under the influence of drugs– received only minor injuries while the driver of the Altima was killed and his granddaughter, seriously injured.

Auto insurance settlements are rarely enough to cover the expenses of such a serious accident, so how can law-abiding Utah motorists obtain justice in the face of life threatening injuries and wrongful death? Your best recourse is to secure the services of a West Jordan car accident lawyer.

Local Attorneys are the Key to Getting a Fair Settlement

With today’s cost of living constantly rising, along with auto insurance rates, many find themselves at a point where they must choose between eating and paying for car insurance. For the survivors of a fatal automobile homicide, life still goes on. But what kind of a life will they have? A lot of motorists can’t afford the kind of car insurance that will cover all the funeral expenses, plus buying a new car and paying for any ongoing medical bills.

When your life is turned upside down by tragedy, only a West Jordan car accident lawyer will have the legal know-how and the local clout to get your case to trial quickly and to win you the settlement that your family deserve.

Justice Through a Proper Settlement 

No amount of money can ever buy back your loved one’s life. But, a fair legal settlement will:

  • pay for funeral expenses
  • help the deceased’s loved ones to obtain adequate medical care
  • assist the affected family to rebuild their lives

When you hire a West Jordan car accident lawyer you’re assured that that person can relate to your case, because they drive the same Utah roads and highways that you do.