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Who Can File for Wrongful Death?

Who Can File for Wrongful Death?

By on May 20, 2014 in Wrongful Death |

Are you uncertain what is considered as a wrongful death case? Some people are unclear about exactly what a wrongful death claim is or if they can file for it, but here are some things that qualify as a wrongful death claim.

What is a wrongful death lawsuit? It is typically a claim when a person’s life has been taken due to negligence of a company or another person. It does not necessarily entail a crime or any criminal wrongdoing, however, it does ask the defendant to pay for the loss and damages that was caused by their actions.

Now that we have a general idea on what constitute as a wrongful death, lets discuses who can file a lawsuit.  It is generally immediate family members like parents, children, and spouses in most cases, although you should contact us for more information on your particular case.

There are some states that specify who exactly is allowed to file for a wrongful death suit, and limit it for only those specific people, while there are other states who allow for a more pragmatic approach.

The claim is suppose to help the people to cope with their losses, whether it’s with the funeral expenses, medial bills, or other related cost. The claim is also to help the people with current and future expenses due to a wrongful death.  There is also compensation for the loss of a loved one or general damages.  Plaintiffs can also seek punitive damages, depending on the circumstances.  To better understand whether or not you can file for a wrongful death suit it would be best if you contacted an attorney for further assistance.