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Car Accident Attorney Tips on Taking Photos After a Collision

Car Accident Attorney Tips on Taking Photos After a Collision

By on Jul 14, 2020 in blog, Car Accidents |

Calling an experienced car accident attorney is a smart step to take if you’re involved in a collision in northern Utah. A lawyer will explain exactly what to do – and what not to do – to protect your rights and interests.

At Symco Injury Law, we’ve been helping people with personal injury and car accident claims for more than a decade. We know what it takes to win a case and obtain the maximum amount of compensation, and photos taken at the scene of a collision can make a major difference. Below, you’ll find our best tips on how to document the aftermath a car crash.

Get Someone You Trust to Take Pictures

If you’re injured, your car accident attorney will tell you that getting medical attention takes priority over getting photos of the crash site. Don’t risk your health to take pictures – ask a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member to come out and handle the task.

Get Photos of the Overall Accident Scene

Pictures that clearly show the entire area where the car crash occurred can help others understand what happened. Wide-angle shots taken from several different perspectives are particularly important, as are photos of road markings, stop signs and traffic signals. And if the collision left skid marks or vehicle parts on the road, your auto accident attorney will want to see pictures.

Take Pictures of Every Vehicle Involved

Getting pictures of all of the vehicles involved in the collision can benefit your case. You’ll want to record the positions of each vehicle after the car crash, snapping photos from multiple angles. Take shots of the damage or lack thereof on every vehicle, too, and be extremely thorough – you don’t want there to be any doubt about the integrity of your visual documentation.

Document Any Injuries You Sustained

Your car accident attorney may be able to use photos of your wounds as evidence in your personal injury claim. Make sure to take pictures of any cuts, scrapes, bruises and other visible injuries as quickly as possible after the car crash. If necessary, ask the medical professionals who provide you with treatment or the hospital staff to take snapshots.

Having the right pictures can strengthen your Utah car accident claim, and since almost everyone has a smartphone with a camera, detailed photos can be easy to obtain. But if you need help or advice on the types of snapshots that may be relevant to your case, Symco Injury Law is here to meet your needs.

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