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Car Accident in a Parking Lot

By on May 10, 2019 in blog, Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

Parking lots may seem like a relatively safe place to drive: People tend to drive slowly and the majority of cars are not actually moving because they are parked. But this assumption could not be further from the truth. Parking lots are a very hazard place to drive! Yes, people do tend to drive slower in parking lots, but this is not always the case. Also, drivers can be very distracted while maneuvering through the parking lot. This distraction leads to many car accidents. Whether the driver that caused the car accident was preoccupied with finding a spot to park or simply looking out for pedestrians, it doesn’t matter, the results are the same, a car accident can be the result of this improper lookout.

I just represented a client that was driving on a private street that divided several parking lots when this client was involved in a car accident. While driving on this private street my client’s car was struck by another driver that was pulling out of the adjoining parking lot. This car accident could have been prevented.

The other driver did not feel that it was necessary to stop when pulling out of the parking lot because there was no stop sign posted.

Although there was no stop sign, a known rule of the road is that you must stop when merging from a smaller road or driveway to a larger road. This is why you won’t see a stop sign at the end of every driveway or small road. It is known that when merging with a major road, the major road has the right-of-way. The other driver should have known that in this instance and yielded the right-of-way.

Often times there will NOT be posted stop signs in parking lots; however, it is best to yield when in doubt. Yielding or stopping could be the difference between safely making it to your destination or months of bills and pain and injury.

This car accident has resulted in significant pain and suffering for my client. Because of this collision my client suffered a concussion, multiple bulging discs, numbness of limbs and shoulder pain. My client’s life was changed by a simple failure to yield on the part of another driver. The pain that was experienced from this car accident, even after months of highly invasive treatments has hardly lessened and has changed the activities my client can participate in in daily life.

The most devastating part of this car accident was the fact that all of this could have been avoided by the other driver simply yielding when attempting to leave a parking lot. Even if there are not posted signs, it is always best to yield. Keep a proper look out when attempting to enter or exit a parking lot. It is always best to look both ways to avoid a car accident. Even when the other driver has a stop sign it is better to be cautious and make sure they stop before you proceed to drive through the intersection. As stated above, many drivers are distracted in parking lots and this can lead to them not noticing posted signs. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. This is especially true while navigating parking lots. Parking lot car accidents can be avoided!

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