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Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Lawyer

By on May 20, 2019 in blog, Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

While driving through residential streets the term “car accident lawyer” is hardly likely to be running through your head. However, in a split second things can change, accidents can happen, and making a call to an car accident lawyer may be one of the next things you will need to do. This is especially true on residential streets. There is a good reason that the speed limit is reduced in residential areas. With cars backing out of driveways, children playing, and reduced visibility it is often necessary to make sudden stops. If you are driving above the speed limit, which unfortunately, seems to happen quite often, it may be too difficult to stop in time. If you find yourself in that type of a situation, a car accident lawyer can help.

I recently represented a client that found himself in a difficult situation, which necessitated a car accident lawyer. This client was unable to stop his vehicle in time to avoid hitting a car that was backing out of a driveway. As a car accident lawyer I was able to help this client see that, although he had hit the other vehicle, it was not his fault. This client was able to, through me, his car accident lawyer, have his medical bills and treatment covered by the liability insurance.

As a car accident lawyer, I would hope that you would never find yourself in this type of situation as either the person who struck another vehicle or as the person backing out of the driveway. Be extra cautious as you drive through residential areas. Even if you are driving the posted speed limit it is necessary to keep all attention on the road. In residential areas the driving conditions can change in an instant; children run into streets, cars back out of driveways, cars stop unexpectedly. Driving the speed limit will ensure that you can have adequate reaction time when these unexpected circumstances arise.

Use caution when you are pulling into or out of a driveway. Be aware of things that make visibility difficult. Shrubs, mailboxes, other homes, and even sunlight can make it difficult for other drivers to see you. As a car accident lawyer, I advise people to double check before they start driving. Even if you see an oncoming car, it is possible that they don’t see you. Never assume that a driver will stop for you. Driving aggressively and assuming other drivers will yield for you is not a good.

Having seen many types of car accidents working as a car accident lawyer, I know that sometimes these situations are simply unavoidable. However, using caution in residential areas and around driveways is a great way to avoid the pain, injuries, damage and hassle that come from this type of car accident. The above mentioned client made a wise decision to consult with an car accident lawyer. But for all the good I was able to do for him, I could not fix the injuries he sustained or give him back the time that was lost to recovery and medical treatments. Driving cautiously and keeping a proper lookout is the best way to avoid these types of accidents. And obviously, avoiding these accidents is the best way to remain healthy (and avoid having to call a car accident lawyer J).

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