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Dog Bite Lawsuit: What to Expect

Dog Bite Lawsuit: What to Expect

By on May 29, 2014 in Personal Injury |


Do you live in Salt Lake City? Have you suffered from a dog bite? Are you unsure how to handle the matter or what you can do about it? You will want to first become familiar with the laws or hire a competent lawyer, as you may be required to file a lawsuit against the dog owner to collect a compensation for damages. Here are some things you can expect to happen while dealing with a lawsuit involving a dog bite.

Proving Liability

 One of the main issues in a dog bite case is being able to prove liability. You and your injury lawyer will have to work together to prove to the court that the owner should be held accountable for the injury sustained by the actions of the dog.

Collecting Evidence

You lawyer will be asking you a lot of questions in order to collect evidence for your case. The questions are necessary in order for your lawyer to proceed forward with your case. Additionally, your lawyer might ask you for pictures of the injury, pictures of scarring from the dog bite, copies of your medical records, and copies of your medical bills.

If a lawsuit is filed, the opposing lawyer may also ask you questions during your deposition. You will be under oath when the deposition is taken. Some common topic questions for a deposition might include:

  • Background information about yourself
  • Specifics about your injuries and what treatment you have received
  • Specific details about the incident- where did the dog bite happen, when did it occur, and whether or not you did anything to provoke the attack
  • If you are claiming lost wages- what is your employment and pay

Stages of a Dog Bite Lawsuit

You can expect there to be multiple stages when it comes to a dog bite lawsuit- some of them will take longer then others.

Before a lawsuit is filed with the court, your attorney may send a demand letter to the dog owner to inform him or her of your damages. Your attorney may try to reach a resolution with the dog owner at that point in time. If a settlement agreement cannot be reached, your case may require filing in court.

After the case is filed, a period of time will pass where the parties are involved in discovery or the gathering of information. After discovery and expert discovery, a trial will be held. A jury of random people will be selected to sit and hear your case. Once the trial begins, each attorney will have the opportunity to give their opening statements. After that, each party will be able to present their case and evidence to the court. Such evidence usually involves calling witnesses for questioning and cross-examination. After each side has finished presenting their case, the lawyers will give closing statements. Then the jury will then deliberate and try to reach a verdict.

This is a basic overview of what you can expect to experience if ever involved in a dog bite lawsuit. Make sure you have the right lawyer to help protect you. Contact us today- your local Salt Lake City injury lawyers.