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Dog Bite

By on Jan 30, 2017 in Personal Injury |


Dog bites have become a regular part of personal injury law. If you have been bitten by a dog, you may or may not have been seriously injured. If you have a serious injury resulting from a dog attack, it is best you contact a dog bite lawyer to protect your interests and get you the most out of your claim.

In a recent article from CBS News, they reported the cost of dog bite claims has risen 45% over the past decade. In addition, they provided some interesting data regarding the amount of people who were bitten by a dog in the last year.

In the last year, dogs attacked:

  • 4.5 million Americans
  • 2 million children
  • 5,581 postal service workers

According to the LA Times, dog bite claims cost insurers $484 million in 2013. This number has been rising over time, and is still on an upward swing. Loretta Worters from the Insurance Information Institute said that the upward swing is a result of “increased medical costs”, “as well as well as the size of settlements, judgements and jury awards given to plaintiffs”.
For Utah residents who have been bitten by a dog, Symco Injury Law is ready to earn you a sizeable settlement and show you first hand why insurers paid $484 million in dog bite claims last year. Insurance companies will try and deny or delay your claim. Having a knowledgeable, experienced dog bite lawyer on your side will increase the amount of compensation awarded in court. You may have been bitten by a dog, but don’t get bitten by the insurance companies. Contact Symco Injury Law today and let us fight for you!