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Filing a Claim After a Fatal Car Accident

Filing a Claim After a Fatal Car Accident

By on Aug 11, 2015 in blog |

fatal car accidentsFatal car accidents that result in the loss of a loved one can be devastating to both you and your family. Grieving for your loved one is enough for a family to deal with, you should not have to worry about legal matters too. Choosing a lawyer to handle matters related to your loss is critical to protecting you and to helping you handle the burdens of your loss. You need a lawyer who has the experience to take care of all matters related to this accident so you can take care of yourself.

Informed decisions are going to have to be made. Knowing and understanding the steps needed to be taken so your rights are preserved are best made by an attorney who understands wrongful death law. Each state has a statute of limitations on filing claims, this is the length of time between the accident and when you are able to file a claim against the parties responsible. You will need your attorney by your side as soon as possible.

Important steps that must be taken after fatal car accidents:

  • Records must be secured. Your attorney needs to secure any evidence and statements from the accident.
  • Investigation report from the police. There are times the blame is placed incorrectly on those who cannot speak for themselves, like your lost loved one. You need an attorney who can reconstruct the accident so the facts are retold correctly. The police report may not agree with their findings and it is important that the attorney have wrongful death experience to help them make an effective case.
  • Reconstruction of the accident. If your attorney and the police cannot agree on how the accident occurred, it may be necessary to hire an accident reconstruction expert. These are experts in their field who can look at evidence and understand how the events occurred.
  • Dealing with insurance companies. Fatality claims can cost an insurance company a lot of money. An attorney who deals in fatal car accidents knows how to handle insurance companies when they become aggressive.

Having the right attorney working with you during this terrible time makes all the difference to your peace of mind. You need one who understands your situation and has the experience it takes to resolve this for you without causing you any additional emotional stress.