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Five Safety Driving Tips   

Five Safety Driving Tips  

By on Jul 20, 2014 in blog |


With the advancement of technology and the constant ‘Go go go!’ mentality, driving has become more dangerous. Drivers these days are more easily distracted and have more things that can take their eyes off the road. Here are five things that can help you and other drivers stay safe on the road.


Be aware of other drivers


When you are driving you should periodically check to see if there is a car in your blind spot, because you never know if they will decided to switch lane at the last minute. Be aware of how the other cars are driving. If you see a car who is swaying around it would probably be best to keep your distant from them or if you see a car who is constantly breaking all the time it would be best to avoid these cars. Always keep your eyes on the road and be aware of other drivers and your surrounding.


Limit your passengers


It is nice to be able to drive your friends around but make sure you have a limited amount of people in your car, don’t try to exceed the amount of available seats in your car. The more people you have in your car, increases your distraction level and your responsibilities.


Don’t drive when tired


Do not drive when you are drowsy! It is just as bad as driving drunk or texting while driving. You should just not do it, if you are feeling tired or drowsy pull into the nearest parking lot and rest your eyes. If you aren’t close to a place where you can drive into, pull off to the side of the road and rest rather then trying to drive. Driving when tired increases your chances of  endangering yourself and others by getting into an car accident.


Inspect your vehicle


Make sure you keep your vehicle’s safety inspection up to date, and that there are no faulty problems with the car. Most people just drive their car and aren’t familiar with how it runs, which could lead to problems down the road. You should check to see if all the parts and equipment are in the vehicle. Become familiar with your car and its performance.


Turn off the devices


As the age of technology grows, so does the distraction level which can lead to more dangers on the road for yourself and other drivers. Drivers are more easily prone to distractions due to all the fancy things their car can do, whether it’s syncing their music, texting, or adjusting their AC, driving has become a more dangerous thing and we have to minimize as many distraction as possible to ensure the safety of other drivers and yourself.


These are five very simple tips that most people know about, but they just don’t think about it when they are in their car. In their mind they always think that it won’t happen to them or that they are a really good driver and they are safe, but the truth is no one is safe if you’re a distracted driver.