Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyer in Utah

Get compensation for your injuries after a car accident, Hire professional legal help

Get compensation for your injuries after a car accident, Hire professional legal help

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personal injury protectionAfter an Automobile Accident: Remain Calm and Alert

After a car accident the first thing that you should do is to simply look around you. Get the lay of the land. Make sure that you are not in danger. Are you still sitting in the way of traffic? If you are, get the heck off of the main drag!

If your vehicle is still in working order, pull over to the roadside. If it isn’t, see if you can get yourself and any passengers to safety. If not, turn on the emergency flashers and brace for impact. Get out the cell phone and call 911.

When everyone is safe and the accident, with all of its immediate physical ramifications, has been taken care of, then is the time to review the personal injury protection on your auto insurance. Then, armed with that and all of the other accident-related data that you can muster, go hire professional legal help.

Utah Injury Lawyer to the Rescue

No matter how good a driver you may be you can still become involved in an automobile accident. That’s why shouldn’t skimp on the personal injury protection for driver and passengers in your auto insurance policy.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself a great lawyer, stick with them. Develop a relationship if you can, bring them a bundt cake, some flowers from the garden or some homemade zucchini bread. Because if you are injured and aren’t well enough to work at your accustomed vocation, an attorney can sometimes become the only link between you and your future financial recovery.

Help Defuse the Danger of Injuries and Wrongful Deaths Associated with Automobile Accidents

Luckily there is plenty that you can do as a citizen and a licensed driver to assist in reducing the tragic death toll on Utah’s beautiful yet dangerous highways and byways. You can:

  • SLOW DOWN! Why is it that when the police are not around it seems to be the cue for everyone to become NASCAR race drivers? Start a trend today by observing all posted speed limits. Most auto accidents are caused by drivers driving at excessive speeds.
  • Join with other concerned citizens to help stop the carnage on Utah’s roads.
  • Always look both ways!