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How Catastrophic Injuries Are Classified And What It Means For You

By on Aug 28, 2017 in Personal Injury |

When it comes to accidents or malicious activities, people don’t always refer to catastrophic injuries, so it is important to make sure you know what it is and the different types that are classified under catastrophic. The term catastrophic injuries deals with the most severely injured people. Because of the change in quality of life or chronic pain suffered through  this type of injury, it’s important and crucial that they find a lawyer who specializes in this type of injury.

What Are Catastrophic Injuries?

Any type of injury can cause misery, depression, pain, trauma, distress or even loss of income. Usually though, when a person is injured they eventually get better and live a normal life. However, with catastrophic injuries, these generally cause permanent damage, which sometimes has life long inferences. When a person suffers from this type of injury they usually cannot go back to their normal state of living and their lives are never the same. This is an individual who may never be able to work again for the rest of their life, or may be permanently disabled.  These lifelong injuries may need medications or treatment that can become very expensive.

The Different Types Of Catastrophic Injuries

The types of injuries can include:

– Bone Fractures
– Head Trauma
– Brain Damage
– Burns
– Blindness

– Deafness
– Paralysis
– Dismemberment
– Spinal Cord Injuries

While the list above was simply a small sampling of the different types of injuries, there are many others not listed. With each injury comes a different cause as well. One of the more common reasons a person gets hurt is due to acar accidents, but they can also be injured by sporting mishaps, animal attacks, slip and fall accidents outside of the home, on the job accidents, etc. In fact, workplace injuries are particularly prevalent in construction and industrial type workplaces because employees tend to deal with more dangerous situations and heavy machinery.

Handling Catastrophic Injury Claims

When you have something as awful as a catastrophic injury happen in your life, you want to make sure you hire the right personal injury lawyer to handle the case. Compensation should be #1 when you have these types of injuries. Not only for things like treatment and medication, but also because a person may not be able to work any longer and will need to make an income to live. Each case is going to be very different, which is exactly why you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer now  rather than later, especially after suffering from a catastrophic injuries.

At Symco Injury Law, we understand that when you have a catastrophic injury happen you will have to deal with this for the rest of your life. We know that it’s important that you receive proper compensation for your injury and be given what you deserve. We deal with an array of personal injury claims and can get you the compensation and benefits you deserve.  Call or email us now to schedule a consultation.