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How to Drive Defensive and Avoid an Accident

How to Drive Defensive and Avoid an Accident

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How to Drive Defensive and Avoid an Accident in West Valley City


Imagine you have just finished shopping at one of your favorite stores in West Valley City. You and a friend are excitedly talking about all the fun things you have purchased. As you are exiting the parking lot of the shopping center in West Valley City you stop. You glance left; then you look right. You look left one more time before you start to turn left. As you look left you see a car coming your way. This car has its right turn blinker on. You feel safe in assuming they are turning into the shopping center so you start your left had turn out of the parking lot. It is only a matter of seconds until you feel your car jerk to the side. You hear the heartbreaking crunch of metal as your two cars collide.

This same scenario, maybe with a few different details, happens frequently in West Valley City, Utah. Although the driver that struck the vehicle pulling out of the parking lot was found to be at fault, this accident could have been avoided had both parties practiced defensive driving.

Even if you are not the cause of the accident and don’t have to pay the brunt of the costs involved, you can still be greatly inconvenienced by a car accident in West Valley City. In order to avoid being in accidents, it is smart to practice defensive driving techniques. There are many ways to evade a car accident, but here are some important pointers: Be aware, do not depend on other drivers, and allow space.

Here are some tips for how to drive defensive and avoid an accident:


Be aware!

Often times we try to multi-task while driving. Mutli-tasking not only puts you more at risk for causing an accident, but it also takes your attention from the road and what is going on. If you’re not focused on things going on around you, you cannot avoid potential dangers. It is easier to swerve around an obstacle in West Valley City when you see it from a distance rather than glancing up at the last second and realizing something is in your way. Truly being aware while you are driving means that you are checking your mirrors, watching your blind spots, and are that you are on the look out for other drivers and hazards that may be coming. Many accidents can be avoided by taking note of the way other people are driving.


Do not depend on other drivers

While driving in West Valley city it is important to not depend on other drivers. Never assume that someone is going to stop at a red light. If you are the first car in the intersection it is imperative that you double check that cars traveling the opposite direction or turning left are completely stopped. Also, just because a car has on its turn signal does not mean they are turning. Blinkers can be left on from lane changes or accidently bumped while driving. Also, it isn’t unheard of for other drivers to change their minds about turning at the last second. It is best to let the other vehicle turn (or not turn, as illustrated by the above scenario) before you cross their path.


Allow space

It is very important to allow proper space while you are driving. When following behind other vehicles in West Valley City, try to maintain at least three to four seconds between your car and the car in front of you. This is a safe distance that allows for significant time to react and stop or swerve if necessary. If the weather conditions are less than ideal it is important to allow even more space between your car and other cars on the road in West Valley City.  While driving you should also make sure to leave adequate space between your car and cars and objects to the side of your vehicle. Always make sure you are not driving in the blind spot of other vehicles, especially semi trucks. When turning, make sure you have enough space that you don’t hit curbs or other objects on the side of your car.


Learning to drive defensive and avoid an accident is a skill. It takes time to become proficient at driving defensively. However, if you are using these skills each time you get into your vehicle, not only will you become better at defensive driving, but you will also have the skills necessary to potentially avoid accident in West Valley City. Even if you drive defensive and avoid an accident one time, sometimes you aren’t always lucky. If you are in a car accident– call us today at 801-738-9999!

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Here are some additional tips on how to drive defensive and avoid an accident: