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How to Help Your Auto Accident Case at the Doctor’s Office

How to Help Your Auto Accident Case at the Doctor’s Office

By on Sep 8, 2020 in blog |

If you’re ever injured in an auto accident, getting medical care right away is crucial. Not doing so is a mistake that could seriously harm your legal claim — the insurance company is likely to argue that either you aren’t hurt badly enough to deserve compensation or that some other event that occurred after the auto accident is responsible for your pain and suffering.

Trying to tough it out instead of obtaining immediate medical attention isn’t the only way you could undermine your auto accident case. The things you say and do when dealing with doctors can also have a negative effect on your claim. For the best chance of receiving fair financial compensation for your injuries, follow the advice below.

Show Up for Every Doctor’s Appointment

Missing a scheduled appointment can make a major difference in your auto accident case, as the insurance company will jump on this as proof that your injuries aren’t serious. If you absolutely cannot keep an appointment with one of your health care providers, call their office to explain why and immediately reschedule.

Be Honest About Your Medical History

You don’t want to mislead your doctors. Be completely transparent about your health history — that way, you’ll not only receive the medical care you need, but you’ll also preserve the integrity of your legal claim. After all, you can count on the insurance company scouring your medical records, and they’re sure to find out if you have concealed a previous injury or illness.

Don’t Discuss Your Auto Accident Case

Anything you say to your health care providers could end up in your medical records. When asked how you incurred your injuries, stick to the facts – don’t make any guesses, not even about the speed of the car that hit you or how much the vehicles involved were damaged. If you make a statement that turns out to be false, it could damage your credibility.

Listen to Your Health Care Providers

Follow the treatment plan your health care providers recommend – or, if the approach isn’t working, make an appointment to discuss the alternatives. If, for example, you decide to stop taking one of your medications before getting the go-ahead from your doctor, you’re essentially choosing not to listen to an educated professional. This can be quite detrimental to your legal claim.

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