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Injury Lawyer in West Valley City

By on Sep 28, 2018 in blog, Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

Here at Symkoviak Law Firm, we assist many clients that were injured in West Valley City. Recently, we assisted a client that had a bad injury in a car accident in West Valley City. The client was proceeding through an intersection in West Valley City when another vehicle turned in front of her, causing the cars to collide and resulting in her injury. My client initially hired a injury lawyer that she saw on a TV commercial. She continued with that injury lawyer for several months, but eventually became extremely frustrated with her injury lawyer. She reported that the lawyer would not call her back and that only a paralegal would contact her infrequently. She was also given incomplete information and was very unsure of her case. She decided to contact me upon the advice of a friend.

One our law office became involved in the case, we could understand why the client was frustrated. She had actually been given some incorrect information on her case by her former injury lawyer. She also had some extenuating circumstances that necessitated a quicker resolution to her case, and her former injury lawyer was not working to make sure this happened.  We began working immediately and diligently on her case in order to make sure she would reach the resolution to her injury case that she needed. It was not an easy case and many circumstances arose that made resolving her injury case difficult, but we were able to navigate through these difficulties for her and resolve her case in a timely manner. The client was very happy and wondered why she had not contacted me earlier as her injury lawyer.

Unfortunately, car crashes do happen frequently. I have many clients from West Valley City, West Jordan, and the greater Salt Lake City area who were looking for a good injury lawyer. I always try to meet and exceed their expectations. Call me today.