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Keyless Ignition Systems Pose Significant Risks

By on Sep 15, 2016 in blog |

Keyless ignition systems have been championed as convenient devices that make it easier to warm-up the car and get it ready to go on a snowy day. They are an appealing feature in cold weather states such as Utah and any Taylorsville car accident lawyer can tell you they pose a significant risk to motorists.

Accidental Ignition Happens

Keyless ignition systems can start a vehicle situated within your home’s garage. A finger rummaging through a purse or a child playing with a key fob can activate the vehicle without the owner being aware of it. If the vehicle idles within a closed garage, carbon monoxide builds up creating a lethal atmosphere for anyone who enters. Moreover, these fumes can seep into the home via ventilation ducts or doors.

ABC News investigated the asphyxiation dangers of keyless ignition systems following reports that 13 such fatalities were attributed to the devices in 2014. It was determined that these fumes became lethal after only 2 hours of vehicle operation.

Keyless Ignition Makes Vehicle Theft Easier

Keyless ignition systems make it easier to steal your vehicle. If a vehicle is left idling, all a thief needs to do is get in and drive off. Moreover, most keyless systems can be easily defeated by inexpensive reprogramming devices that can be purchased online. These devices allow thieves to insert a blank fob into the vehicle and program it so that it becomes a viable key.

Your Vehicle Can Simply Roll Away

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has investigated numerous reports from owners of vehicles equipped with keyless ignition systems that have simply rolled down the road. These reports indicate that there is a considerable risk that vehicles equipped with keyless ignition systems can appear stopped and parked, when, in fact, the vehicle is still in gear and ready to roll.

Keyless Ignition Systems Can Cause Sudden Acceleration and Automobile Accidents

Keyless ignition systems can cause a vehicle to accelerate suddenly. When this happens, it can cause a motorist to lose control over the vehicle’s speed and direction. This poses a risk for the driver, their passengers, and anyone who is in the path of the vehicle.

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