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Myths about Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

Myths about Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

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Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

When you have been in a car accident in Draper the idea of hiring a lawyer may or may not have crossed your mind. Often times, people don’t realize how helpful a lawyer can be when you’ve been in a car accident. Lawyers are not trying to take your money or misrepresent information. A lawyer is there to make sure you get the correct payout amount from the insurance company to cover all the costs associated with your Draper car accident. However, often there are myths circulating about lawyers and car accidents. Below we have addressed some of these myths about hiring a car accident lawyer.

Here are the myths about hiring a car accident lawyer:

1. My car insurance company will take care of it all.

Auto or car insurance is required by law and can save you money and stress should you be in a Draper City car accident. However, sadly, insurance companies are not always on your side in my opinion. Insurance companies are businesses. With that being said, they are trying to maximize their returns, is my opinion. This means they hope to pay out as little as they can for Utah car accidents. Their goal is to settle as quickly as possible for the minimal amount. Less money to you means more money to the company.

2. I need to accept the settlement offer the insurance company offers.

The at-fault driver’s insurance, the liability insurance, will most likely offer you a sum of money fairly soon after the Draper car accident. Their hope is that you will accept this amount, which they believe is fair, and they can close the case. Unfortunately, the amount they offer does not usually take into account continued medical treatment or the disruption and distress this accident has caused in your life.

The insurance company may pressure you into feeling that you need to accept the money and sign away your rights. This is not the case. You can question this amount and ask for more. This is where are lawyer is helpful. A lawyer can determine how much you should be asking the insurance company pay and what a fair settlement is given your injuries and damages.

How can a Utah car accident lawyer help you?

3. Once I talk to an attorney I am stuck using that same attorney.

Most attorneys offer a free consultation on your Draper car accident case. There is no harm in reaching out to an attorney to get this consultation. Even after the consultation you are not tied in to that attorney. Many people choose to contact a few attorneys to get second opinions.

Once you decide upon a reputable attorney, that attorney will have you sign a retainer agreement. Even after this is signed, you are not locked into staying with that attorney. Legally, you can still find a new attorney. Even as your case progresses if you are not satisfied with your attorney you can always hire a new one.

4. I heard the lawyer will take all my money.

Most lawyers do not charge you anything up-front for car accident injury cases. The lawyer will do all the work gathering records and preparing your case for your Draper City car accident. Only after the case has been settled will the lawyer be paid. Most lawyers are paid a smaller percentage out of the total settlement. You never actually have to hand any money to the lawyer! The money due to the lawyer will come directly out of the settlement from the Draper car accident and you will receive a check for the remaining amount. For the majority of cases, the amount received after the lawyer is paid is still way more than what was initially offered by the liability insurance company.

5. Hiring a lawyer means I will need to go to court.

If appearing in a courtroom is not on your list of fun things to do, you can rest assured! The vast majority of Draper car accident cases are settled outside of court. Your lawyer will do all the work of contacting insurance companies, gathering records and bills and preparing a “demand package”. If you have a lawyer, not only will you most likely not have to step in a court room, you will often not even need to leave the comfort of your home for legal issues. Everything can be handled through phone calls, texts and emails.

Hopefully after reading these myths you have been able to more fully understand the role an attorney can play in your life after a Draper City car accident and let go of some of the preconceived notions you had about lawyers.

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