Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyer in Utah

Reasons to Use a West Valley City Accident Lawyer

By on May 11, 2016 in Personal Injury |

Each state has its own laws when it comes to personal injury cases. Utah has some key laws that come into play when a person files a personal injury claim in court or with an insurance company. If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone’s negligence in a car accident, fall accident or even if bitten by a dog; you need to contact a West Valley City car accident lawyer to ensure your rights are protected.

Shared Fault

There can be times when someone files an injury lawsuit or insurance claim in Utah and then find out the party responsible has also claimed you are partly responsible for your own injuries. Should this turn out to be the case, Utah’s comparative fault rule reduces the amount of damages you can recover. If they are able to find that you share responsibility equally, you could be barred from collecting any damages. Having a West Valley City car accident lawyer on your side will help you in situations like this to make sure you are fairly judged.

Strict Liability

Dog owners in some states are protected from liability for injuries their dog caused if it is  the first time their dog attacked someone. This is called the “one bite rule” and applies if there is no reason to consider the dog “dangerous”. Utah; however, has a statue which makes the owner “strictly liable” which means the dogs past behavior has no bearing and the owner is responsible for any personal injury caused by their dog or animal. A West Valley City car accident lawyer will know your rights if you or a loved one has been injured as the result of someone’s animal.

Symco Injury Law understands how stressful it is to go through the process of getting proper compensation when you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence. Having a West Valley City car accident lawyer on your side with the experience in handling personal injury claims will make all the difference for you.

Having the proper representation will mean the difference of you losing everything or being able to rebuild your life. Let their expert and knowledgeable team focus on getting you the compensation you deserve. We will stay by your side every step of the way through the legal process and take care of all the paperwork; allowing you the time you deserve to heal.