Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyer in Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah, Injury Attorneys for Your Legal Protection

Salt Lake City, Utah, Injury Attorneys for Your Legal Protection

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Salt Lake City Utah Injury Attorneys


Salt Lake City, Utah, Injury attorneys provide legal representation to any person who was injured due to the negligence or another person’s, a company or a government agency’s wrongdoing. Personal injury attorneys are knowledgeable and have more experience in tort law, focusing on cases that involve civil wrongs and economic or non-economic damages to a person’s property, reputation or rights.

Personal injury attorneys mostly deal with tort law cases such as, but not limited to, work injuries, automobile accidents, defective products, medical mistakes and slip and fall accidents..

Consider Hiring an Injury Attorney

Representing yourself in an accident case will only benefit insurance companies. For fair compensation, hire an injury attorney. A legal professional increases your chance and amount of payment. A competent injury lawyer will take you through the steps that justify your injury claims before launching a lawsuit. Any claim evaluation involves ascertaining whether:

  • You were injured
  • Your injury was due to negligence      
  • Your damage is sufficient for a jury to believe the injuries are due to the accident

Common Injury Cases in Salt Lake City, Utah, That Require Compensation

  • Automobile accident
  • Wrongful death
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Intentional acts
  • Asbestos claims
  • Product liability
  • Slip and fall
  • Claim against city, county or state
  • Claim against the federal government

Threshold for Injuries in Salt Lake City, Utah

In some few exceptional cases, injury may not be enough. In Utah, for example, if you get hurt in a car crash, you must exceed the “threshold” to claim damages for pain and suffering. Personal injury threshold in Utah requires you to meet any of the following conditions before filing claims for pain and suffering damages:

  • Medical bills that exceed $3,000. The bills must be reasonable, necessary and a result of the accident. If medical bills exceed this amount, your attorney can file a claim for pain and suffering type damages.
  • Permanent impairment or the alteration of an individual’s health status. 
  • Permanent disability that is defined by law as the altering of an individual’s capacity to meet personal, social and occupational demands.
  • Disfigurement. Utah laws allow for non-economic claim for damages if you have sustained a disfigurement. “Significant disfigurement” may be required.
  • Death, which may result from the injury.

Claims That Do Not Require Meeting the Threshold

You can still claim for medical expenses or lost income without meeting the threshold requirement for a personal injury claim in Utah. You just need to sue for economic damages, not injury. The defendant must have been required by law to have a particular insurance policy or a no-fault plan, which they failed to have or did not observe.

 When to Launch Your Claim

Claim launch time in Utah varies, depending on the type of claim you want to institute. Your attorney should advise you on the best period within which you should launch your injury claim. The attorney will file a case with the court on your behalf, stating a legal basis for claiming monetary compensation against the defendant

To be on the safe side, make sure you have a competent Salt Lake City, Utah, injury attorney to represent you. To gain more money without the stress of dealing with insurance companies, hire an experienced lawyer to represent you in case you intend to launch a personal injury case.