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Should I Hire an Attorney for My Utah Car Accident?

Should I Hire an Attorney for My Utah Car Accident?

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Do I Hire an Attorney for My Utah Car Accident?

For many people their first car accident is a shock. No one expects to be in a car accident. With so little experience to draw upon, many people are unsure what to do after their first car accident. Because they don’t experience car accidents on a regular basis, they are unsure whether their accident is serious enough to see a doctor or even if it serious enough to contact a lawyer. Below are some things to consider when deciding whether or not contacting a lawyer to represent you for your Utah car accident is in your best interest.


  1. Was the accident your fault or someone else’s fault?

If you were the cause of the Utah car accident, your insurance will help you through PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage. This will help cover your medical costs. The amount paid will depend upon your coverage. Utah law requires drivers to carry at least $3,000 in PIP coverage.

Unfortunately, since you were the cause of the Utah car accident a lawyer cannot help you make a claim against the other driver. When a lawyer is involved they are making sure that the insurance of the at-fault party is paying all the money the victims are entitled to after the car accident.

That being said, if you were not the cause of the accident, hiring a lawyer is a great way to ensure that your medical bills and any other costs you incur as a result of the accident are paid for by the driver’s insurance that caused the accident.


  1. Have you sustained injuries in the Utah car accident?

If you experienced ANY type of injury in your car accident, it is a good idea to contact a lawyer. Treating your injuries is not only time consuming, but it also can become very costly. If you are not at fault for the car accident, you should not have to pay for your medical treatment! Individuals must carry car insurance for this exact reason, to cover medical costs if they are the cause of an accident.


  1. How much are treatments going to cost?

Per Utah law, you must have a minimum of $3,000 in medical bills to have a case that a lawyer can help you get a settlement, although there are some exceptions. However, keep in mind that the $3,000 minimum does not have to be reached on the day of the car accident.  This amount includes all the follow up care that is necessary to get you healthy. Often medical treatments can take years to get you back to normal, this can all be included! Also, it needs to be noted that there are exceptions to the $3,000 minimum. If you are a pedestrian or if the at-fault driver does not have insurance for the Utah car accident, this minimum does not apply. There are also a couple other exceptions, including having a permanent injury.



  1. Was there any property damage that occurred because of the Utah car accident?

If property damage in the car accident is minimal, you often don’t need an attorney. However, make sure to look at both vehicles. For example, if your car doesn’t have extensive damage but the other car is totaled, it may be a good idea to contact a lawyer.


  1. When did the Utah car accident occur?

Unfortunately, there is a limited amount of time you have to file a claim for a Utah car accident.  In Utah, you have four years to file a claim against the driver that caused the Utah car accident. If you are filing a claim against your own insurance company, you may have as little as three years. Please contact us directly for any questions about a statute of limitation, as these are generalized statements and may not apply to your Utah car accident.

If, after having read through the list of things to consider before calling a lawyer, you feel that you have a case, please reach out to us for your car accident. Car accidents can really disrupt your life! Calling upon the experience of a lawyer like us can help minimize this disruption and help you to move forward in life without any lasting injuries or medical bills. 801-738-9999.

Although this article discussed more minor crashes, unfortunately, serious accidents do occur, as noted by this local news article on Our condolences to the family. Please drive safe.