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Should I seek Medical Attention After a Car Accident?

Should I seek Medical Attention After a Car Accident?

By on Aug 11, 2020 in blog |

I feel fine. Should I still get examined?

Yes. Your body goes through a lot when you experience a car accident in West Jordan, even when there isn’t much damage to the vehicle. The force of the impact can harm the soft tissues of the body more than a car.

How soon after an accident should I seek medical attention?

You should seek medical attention as soon as possible. The longer you wait to get treatment for your injuries, the longer it can take to heal. There is no reason to suffer through the pain or hope that your injuries will heal on their own.

Where should I go?

West Jordan has many options for medical treatment. You can go to the emergency room, an urgent care clinic, your family doctor, a chiropractic office or a physical therapist. Where you go depends a lot upon the type of injury and pain you are experiencing. The emergency room is often the most expensive option; however, if your pain or injuries are life-threatening, this is where you should go.

An urgent care facility in West Jordan is a good option if you feel you need immediate attention. Wait times there are usually much shorter than at the emergency room. Urgent care centers also often can provide X-rays and sutures in addition to general exams.

Your family doctor, a chiropractor or a physical therapist are good for long-term treatment. These providers will work on treating your injuries and getting you back to the way you were before the accident. A chiropractor can order imaging that often will help reveal any issues with your neck and spine beyond what can be seen.

What if I don’t have the money to pay for medical treatment?

Utah law requires drivers to carry personal injury protection insurance, which can help pay for some of your medical treatments. Also, if you are not the responsible party for the car accident in West Jordan, the responsible (or “at-fault”) driver’s insurance should pay for medical treatment related to the car accident as well.

Is there a time limit?

Oftentimes, because of the shock of an accident, you cannot fully register or feel the trauma your body has been through in a car accident in West Jordan. Injuries can manifest after the fact — especially after you try to return to normal life. So while there may not be a strict time limit, it is best to seek medical attention within four weeks of the accident at most.

Because not all injuries that result from a car accident in West Jordan can be seen at the time of the accident, it is best for your long-term health to seek medical attention after any type of car crash.

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