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Is Speeding the Most Common Cause of Car Accidents in 2022?

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Is Speeding the Most Common Cause of Car Accidents in 2022?

Drunk driving and speeding are the leading cause of deaths for Fourth of July holidays. Yesterday across the nation, we all celebrated this holiday, and while others decided to stay home, most people drove to events or celebrations. Unfortunately, with holidays and individuals not having to work, there is an increase in car accidents, personal injuries and sadly, deaths as well. While drunk driving is a major cause of this increase, speeding is by far takes the number one spot.

How did speeding affect this holidays’ unfortunate events in Utah?

This recent fourth of july has proven to be a deadly weekend across multiple Salt Lake City roads. There were a total of five motor vehicle fatalities that were all presumed to be caused by speeding; some accidents are still being investigated.

According to Fox 13 News, one crash took place in the early morning hours involving a woman in her 70s and a large Coca-Cola truck. The elderly driver appeared to be distracted and drove directly underneath the semi truck. Police at the scene later reported the driver was speeding when she came into contact with the truck. Unfortunately the elderly woman died on the scene from lethal injuries. 


A motorcycle and speeding can turn into a deadly combination

Unfortunately in North Salt Lake, there was another fatality on yesterday’s holiday. The driver of a motorcycle appears to have lost control entering I-15, and ran into a barrier onto oncoming traffic. The driver died instantly at the scene. Again police believe speeding was the cause of the motorcycle driver losing control resulting in this sad ending. 


At what mph of speeding is a fatal car accident practically inevitable?

Research shows that deaths caused by car accidents are extremely likely at speeds exceeding 70mph. This is regardless of the driver or passenger wearing a seat belt, although of course, a restrained driver has a radically higher chance of survival. At faster speeds, not only is it more difficult to maintain control of the vehicle, it is also more challenging to maneuver around obstacles, sharp turns and other vehicles. Additionally, an individual’s reaction time decreases significantly. 

To further explain the difference in an accident involving lower speeds versus higher speeds, at slower speeds an accident has a 1% chance of causing serious personal injury to the passengers. Accidents involving speeds of 50mph increase the chance of serious injury to over 50%. And like mentioned above at 70mph there is almost a 100% chance of fatal injuries. 

Interesting fact, according to Utah Highway Patrol, this past 4th of July weekend, state troopers stopped 2,503 motorists that were speeding above the speed limit and nearly 4% of these were speeding exceeding 105 mph. 

I think the point we should all take away from these accidents is it is always better to be late rather than not make your destination or end up in the ER instead. 


Why is speeding so prevalent?

There are several reasons individuals are found speeding on the road. Firstly, contrary to popular belief, people tend to not want to be late to engagements they have planned. However, once they realize they have left a few minutes too late, they will likely speed rather than apologize for being late. 

Other drivers find a need for speeding. They enjoy the thrill when they feel they are able to control their vehicle while speeding. They also do not feel vulnerable regarding the consequences they can cause if they lose control while speeding. They feel a sense of invincibility, such as nothing will happen to them, only to others. These individuals disregard the fact that they are putting others’ lives at risk and also risking their own lives. Although most of us are safe drivers with no ill intentions, these dangerous drivers exist on the road and you can help yourself and others by driving at safe speeds to avoid future collisions. 


How can we help if you are injured by someone else speeding?

In the event that you do suffer an injury from someone else’s speeding or negligence, our attorneys at Symco Injury Law have years and cases of experience in all types of car accident and personal injury cases. We serve several areas of Utah and are here to help you through these tough times. Don’t hesitate to call or text us at (801)738-9999 anytime and we will start right away to get you the help you need and deserve. Feel free to also reach us online at Contact Symco Injury Law.