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How to Select an Experienced Spinal Cord Injury Accident Lawyer

By on Jul 7, 2017 in Personal Injury |

You have so many critical decisions to make when you or a loved one has experienced a spinal cord injury due to a vehicle accident. The first decision is about finding legal representation who fully understands the complexities of a spinal cord injury.

Know the Firm You are Hiring 

“What is the Statute of Limitations for filing a spinal cord injury accident claim in Utah?” Since the statute of limitations for various claims often differ from state to state,  find out if this attorney knows critical basic facts without having to call you back.

This is one way you can quickly assess whether or not a lawyer specializes in certain areas. Having a direct answer shows they understand situations like yours and have likely been recently active with cases like yours.

Another important check is if they have recently been involved in trials with severe injury related accident. Avoid settlement only attorneys. Most severe injuries are complex and need the trial advantage for proper results.

Does This Firm Have the Right Background for Your Needs?

Finding the right attorney or law firm practice for you means this firm has the range of experience and wins, not just the passion and confidence in helping clients. Look a little deeper for a history of aggressive advocacy in the courtroom. Seek evidence of a demonstration of extensive experience with complex injury cases like yours.

Does this law office provide direct access and communication throughout the injury case process? There are many differences in case management when it comes to serious injury by accident cases. Your medical treatment and prognosis can change radically, the availability of your attorney is crucial to your being compensated fairly.

Customer service is not just about friendly responses and a “we’ll get back to you on that” approach. The type of response and inquiry relationship you need is beyond professional and includes helping you get the right and specific answers back to those who need to know.

Integrity, Ethics, and Excellence

When working with a law firm that handles severe spinal cord injury accident cases you cannot choose a lawyer or firm that uses cordiality to replace integrity, ethics, or excellence in performing the critical services needed to represent your needs.

Choose a firm that immediately offers you a strong and fixed support team that constantly strives to navigate you through the steps of your specific legal process. Communications should be professionally congenial, while also centering on facts, dates, quickly meeting deadlines, and demonstrating excellent preparation for your court appearances.

Measuring the current knowledge of a law firm’s experience with your specific case involving a spinal cord injury accident means they are fully aware and sensitive to your surrounding medical and emotional circumstances, and  can make special arrangements for your specific physical needs during the court proceedings.

Beyond Human Intuition

Attorneys that serve their clients beyond the realm of human understanding use professional communication while gathering evidence from your physicians, professional emergency room personnel, and the law enforcement involved in your case. They will show their expertise in the thoughtful application of your specific situation and your legal position to advance the terms of your case.

When searching for a legal team who will work diligently to find all the predominant facts of your case and bring it to an actionable result, look for a respected and documented winning law firm. Begin with your first phone call to a Utah personal injury lawyer who will take your side above all else. Call Symco Injury Law, (801) 738-9910.