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Statute of Limitations in Utah for a Wrongful Death Case

Statute of Limitations in Utah for a Wrongful Death Case

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Statute of Limitations in UtahThe tragic incident of losing a loved one doesn’t permit a lot of room for careful thinking or analyzing, but legal action must be taken quickly and promptly to preserve what is left for you and your family. Medical expenses, lost income and emotional agony are all grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit, provided the lawsuit is filed within boundaries of the statute of limitations. These limitations give representatives of the victims a specific window of time in which a suit may be filed. Once the time for that particular case has passed, it is no longer valid. The statute of limitations in Utah varies from case to case.


You have two years to file a wrongful death case in Utah, beginning on the date the victim was declared deceased, and you must be a member of the decedent’s immediate family to have the authority to file the suit. This time limit may seem short, but it is meant to provide you, the survivor of the decedent, with the initiative to accumulate all necessary evidence and promptly file a suit. This amount of time also ensures that no evidence or proof that is vital to the case gets buried as time passes. This evidence, however, is not your responsibility to gather. Get in touch with a lawyer who specializes in the complex field of wrongful death law.


A wrongful death lawsuit can only be properly claimed once a lawyer has established a legitimate foundation for its purpose, and this can only be brought about once he or she has amassed all essential information. You can assist your attorney with all steps by being honest and upfront about all of the details surrounding your loved one’s death, such as troublesome financial hardships and traumatizing emotional turmoil. A wrongful death claim becomes valid once the egregious recklessness of the defendant, which resulted in the victim’s death, has been demonstrated.


Wrongful death lawsuits can be filed in conjunction with any criminal prosecution the individual is facing for charges like manslaughter or murder. The difference, however, is that one grants only a limited amount of time in which action can be pursued. Leaving the hard work in the hands of a legal professional relieves this burden and speeds up the process, making the defendant answer for his or her actions before it is too late.