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The Insurance Company is Not Providing Me Adequate Compensation, Now What?

The Insurance Company is Not Providing Me Adequate Compensation, Now What?

By on Aug 25, 2015 in blog |

midvale car accident lawyerWalk Away, Get Help

If the insurance company you are dealing with is not providing adequate compensation, the first thing to do is walk away from the offer and contact a Midvale car accident lawyer for help. Here’s why: the insurance company is giving you a low ball offer in the hopes that you take it and sign away your rights to future litigation without realizing it. It’s a sneaky tactic, but there is nothing illegal about it. Fortunately, you are under no obligation to accept the offer and can negotiate for compensation that’s in keeping with the injuries you’ve suffered and can go to help fix any damage that was inflicted to your personal property.

Let A Midvale Car Accident Lawyer Be Your Advocate

Walking away from the offer and getting a lawyer gives you a stronger hand in the negotiations. An experienced Midvale car accident lawyer will act as your advocate during negotiations with the insurance company and make sure that your rights are protected. At the same time, their goal will be to work towards a settlement that is in line with your expectations and will compensate you enough to help you recover from your injuries without having to stress about legal paperwork or financial burdens.

You Don’t Have To Take Just Any Offer

Insurance companies always initially offer a low settlement amount which means there is room to negotiate for more. This is why walking away from an initial offer is a good idea even though it takes longer to get the money. The insurance company wants to settle and close the case so that it doesn’t drag on. You want to get a fair compensation for your injuries. However, there is motivation among all parties to settle things satisfactorily. An attorney can help move this process along so that all parties are able to reach their goals.