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Utah Law Firm Offers Help to Dog Bite Injury Victims

Utah Law Firm Offers Help to Dog Bite Injury Victims

By on Jul 22, 2015 in Personal Injury |

utah injury attorneyIn Utah a person can recover compensation if they are bitten by a dog. This falls under a special statute called, Scienter which is Latin for “knowingly”. This statue applies if the dog previously bit a person or acted aggressively, and the dog owner was aware of the dog’s previous conduct. If the bite does not fall under these two conditions you may still receive compensation under the, “one bite rule”.

There are three legal doctrines for different cases; one bite rule, one free bite rule and first bite rule. A Utah injury attorney can help you to file the correct claim under this statute. Utah is classified as a strict statutory liability state where it makes dog owners liable when his or her dog bites, even if it is the first time. This applies both to dog owners and third parties who are keeping the dog. It also covers bites and other injuries caused by the dog.

Most times home owner’s insurance companies will cover dog bites. The insurance company; however is looking out for what is best for them and can deny your claim, offer you a lower settlement than deserved or just slow the process down. A Utah injury attorney is someone that will be on your side to make sure your claim is handled quickly and you receive the compensation you deserve.

If you have been bitten by a dog you are probably suffering medical bills. A Utah injury attorney can help you with medical expenses as well as lost wages if you have been unable to perform your job. When you hire an attorney you can focus on healing while the attorney makes sure you receive proper compensation. A Utah injury attorney has vast experience in dealing with personal injury claims which includes dog bites. They have the knowledge and experience to file a claim that will quickly resolve in a settlement for you.