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Utah Spinal Cord Injury Resources

Utah Spinal Cord Injury Resources

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spinal cord injury attorneyUniversity of Utah Rehabilitation Center 

Have you, a relative, a friend or a neighbor suffered a spinal cord injury?  If so, then you should know that the University of Utah Rehabilitation Center is one of the few accredited programs that specializes in handling spinal cord injuries. Their spinal cord system is considered one of the most reliable rehabilitation programs in all of Utah. The program starts the second you enter the hospital and supports spinal cord patients throughout their inpatient stay.

They also offer outstanding outpatient therapy options, so you can be sure that the there will be sufficient follow up even after you have been released from the hospital. Spinal cord injuries come with various functional limitations, but the University of Utah Rehabilitation Center arranges for patients to receive the best treatment in addition to personalized rehabilitation plans.

Most importantly, these rehab centers incorporate both the patient and family in the recovery process. This goes a long way in helping a patient achieve the physical, emotional and mental goals that will allow for a full recovery.

Legal Representation

If you have suffered a spinal cord injury, contact a professional spinal cord injury attorney to be sure that you fully understand your rights. If you know of a victim affected by SCI/D (Spinal Cord Injury and/or Disease) as the result of an accident or otherwise in Utah, you should not hesitate to seek these services. An experienced spinal cord injury attorney will not only help provide you with legal counsel, they can help you tap resources to help aid in your recover.

Care facilities aim at empowering those with spinal cord injuries. Through resources, education, advocacy, peer mentors and treatment, patients with SCI/D can benefit from these facilities that go a long way in alleviating them throughout the SCI/D healing and transition process.