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West Jordan Car Accident

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West Jordan Car Accident.  I recently represented a client who was involved in a West Jordan Car Accident. I had previously represented this client for another West Jordan car accident. She was hit from behind in both car accidents in West Jordan. This time the damage to her car was not substantial, but still the bumper was dented in.

I was recently asked if it seems strange to represent clients who have been involved in multiple car accidents, just like this West Jordan car accident. What I have found over the years is that most of my clients who are in repeat car accidents are doing absolutely nothing wrong when they are in another car accident. For example, in this West Jordan car accident, my client was sitting there stopped at a red-light and she had been stopped for quite some time. She was doing absolutely nothing wrong! This is the same as her first car accident. What could she have done differently that any of us would have done differently to avoid this West Jordan car accident? Nothing. All of us come to a stop at a red light and wait for the light to change. So it seems to me, that those involved in multiple car accidents just seem to have bad luck. Now there can be exceptions to that rule, but I have generally found this to be the case after handling thousands of car accident cases over the years.

To further illustrate this point, although it was not a West Jordan car accident, I once represented a client who was involved in three car accidents  within a period of a few months. In every car accident, he was at a stop at a red-light or at a stop sign and was hit from behind, although fortunately he was only hurt in one of the car accidents. He did nothing wrong in all three car accidents. Even more strange, he had a bright yellow vehicle, which should have stood out and been far more visible than other cars. If that does not highlight the randomness and fact that some people just seem to have bad luck when it comes to car accidents, I don’t know what will. As a West Jordan car accident lawyer, I’d like to think we have seen it all.

Now that said, if the car accident was due to a sudden lane change from a person who then stops, suspicion may arise. I, however, have represented very few, if any, clients who have been involved in such a car accident. For a time, there were issues with fraudulent claims being made by people who would perform this maneuver. The insurance companies quickly learned to watch out for this scenario and it seems that id does not happen much anymore. In any event, I don’t recall every representing a client involved in such a car accident, and certainly not the West Jordan car accident for this recent client. As mentioned above, most of my clients in repeat car accidents are usually hit from behind while at a complete stop at a red light or stop sign.

If you have been involved in a West Jordan car accident, West Valley City car accident, or Salt Lake city car accident, please contact me for help. As mentioned, I have personally handled a couple thousand cases over the years and we love to assist you with your car accident case.