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West Jordan Car Accident Attorney Fights to Protect Victims’ Rights

By on Jun 21, 2016 in blog |

A West Jordan car accident attorney can assist victims who have been injured by the negligence of other drivers and entities. He or she helps accident victims pursue the compensation  they deserve. Some of the ways that a West Jordan car accident attorney can help victims include:

Conducting an Investigation

Sometimes after an accident, it can be difficult to determine how the accident happened. The victim may not be aware of some of the factors that were at play, such as the driver who caused the accident being distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A West Jordan car accident attorney can help get to the bottom of things to figure out why the accident happened and who should be responsible for the injuries you suffered. By using techniques, such as reviewing available surveillance of the accident, reviewing any electronic data that the vehicle has stored, analyzing the police report that was filed in the case and using an accident reconstruction expert when necessary, a West Jordan car accident attorney can help establish liability.

Handling Difficult Communication

Although insurance adjusters may act like they care about your injuries, they are hired to look out for the interests of the insurance companies. These companies have a vested interest in denying as many claims as possible and settling other claims for as little as possible. A West Jordan car accident lawyer can handle the communications with insurance companies so you can concentrate on your recovery. Additionally, he or she can talk to other people relevant to your claim, such as witnesses who observed the accident and your healthcare providers so he or she can fully understand the nature of your injuries.

Protecting Your Rights

A West Jordan car accident lawyer can help explain your rights to you and the options that are available to you. He or she can review the medical expenses that you have incurred, lost wages and other damages to help estimate an approximate value of your case. Proper legal representation can help ensure that your rights are fully explained and protected.

In West Jordan, you have a limited amount of time in which you can bring forth a claim against the party responsible for your accident. Contact a West Jordan car accident lawyer today to schedule a consultation and to ask any questions that you have about your case.