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What is my injury case worth?

What is my injury case worth?

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What is my injury case worth? This is one of the most common questions I get as an attorney. Often my clients are concerned about paying off past medical bills and recouping lost wages. Everyone wants to know if they can afford those medical bills and how to pay for rent or the mortgage when missing work. Clients also need to budget for replacing lost cars and for moving forward with their lives. This is an important question.

What type of settlement will I get if injured in a car accident?

Here are a few factors that affect what your injury case is worth:

1. How serious are your injuries?

The most important factor in determining the amount of your settlement is the severity of your injuries. If you have a very serious injury you should receive more money than if you have a minor injury. For example, if you fracture your leg or your back in a car accident, you will get a larger settlement than if you have whiplash and bruising. Serious injuries usually come with higher medical bills and have more of an impact on your life, causing you to miss more work or enjoyment of life. Injuries that require surgery or long recovery times are also indicators of severity. Some injuries may even be serious enough to completely change your life.

2. How much are your medical bills?

Another important factor in figuring out what your injury case is worth is the cost of your medical bills. This is usually corresponds with the severity of your injury, but not always. For example, you could have a minor injury, but one that requires specialized medical treatment, or treatment that requires a significant amount of time. Generally speaking, the higher your medical bills are, the higher the settlement will be. Part of your settlement is based on the amount of damages you incurred, and that includes medical expenses. Simply having more medical bills, however, will not always lead to a higher injury case value. Medical treatment must be reasonable and necessary. In other words, getting medical treatment solely for the purpose of incurring more medical bills will not necessarily help you get a higher settlement, and sometimes can reduce the amount of your settlement you will ultimately receive in pocket. It is important to follow the recommendations of your doctor with regard to your medical treatment.

How much damage was done to your car?

The amount of damage to your car is another factor in determining what your injury case is worth. In order to qualify for a settlement, your injuries and medical treatment must be related to the car accident. Therefore, the more damage to your car, the more evidence there is to prove that the forces were sufficient enough to cause the claimed injury, rather than you having the injury prior to the car accident. For example, if your car has only a simple blemish or scratch on the bumper, it can be much more difficult to prove that a serious injury resulted from the impact of the car accident.

Other factors

There are many other factors that can affect that value of your settlement in addition to those listed above:

  • The credibility of the injured person
  • Prior medical conditions
  • Other injuries or accidents
  • The insurance company involved
  • How the medical treatment was obtained
  • Gaps in treatment
  • Waiting for treatment
  • Age
  • Where the accident happened

… and many others.

That’s why it is so important to hire an experienced lawyer. We have been down this road thousands of times with injured clients and we know how to maximize the value of your case. Trust the qualified and knowledgeable personal injury lawyers at Symco Injury Law. Call us today at 801-738-9999 and find out what your injury case is worth.