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What to Do After the Wrongful Death of your Kin

By on Jan 17, 2017 in Wrongful Death |

The term wrongful death refers to a situation where death occurs due to the negligence of a person. If this happens to someone in your family, the insurance should compensate you for the lost life. The insurance money goes to the family left behind to take care of the loss of income that the deceased was providing. Some of the cases that are termed as wrongful death result from:

  • A fatal injury sustained from a defective machine, hazardous chemicals or toxic working environment.
  • A fall as a result of negligent faults in the property such as slippery floors, bumpy carpet or faulty stairs.
  • An incorrect prescription, erroneous medical procedure, wrong/late diagnosis or medical negligence.
  • A motor vehicle crash caused by reckless or drunk driving.

The first step to take after the death is contact an attorney. Time is of essence here. Remember the death has already taken away the main witness. If you’re not attentive, the case might slip through your fingers after being unable to prove that the death was caused by the action or inaction of another. The attorney knows exactly what to look out for and where to look. He will quickly get to work and collect details, get eye witness reports, preserve the evidence, engage the police and keep in contact with the insurance company.

How much Compensation should you expect?

The amount of money an insurance company pays after a wrongful death is mostly defined by the income of the deceased. The compensation will be higher for a high income earner. This is meant to guarantee the family of the deceased that they can continue with the same standard of life they are used to. The insurance should also factor in funeral costs, possible medical bills, plus any physical and emotional anguish that may have been suffered before death.

Hiring a legal expert increases your chances of getting your rightful dues. Remember the insurance companies sometimes act in bad faith, while looking for the slightest loophole to avoid payment or at least reduce it to a minimum. An experienced attorney knows how to present a water-tight case that the insurers cannot escape. Symco Injury Law has the right professionals to help you and ensure that you receive your rightful compensation for your loss.