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What You Can Expect to Recover for Property Damage In Auto Accident Cases

By on Jan 8, 2016 in blog |

If you think that the nation’s legal system is complicated (it is!), try figuring out Utah’s insurance laws. In Utah, a “no fault” state, when it comes to recouping property damages after an automobile crash, state law limits insurance awards to $15,000 per auto accident. Or, if you are including the total of both personal injuries and property damage together, the limit is $80,000.accident-4 (1)

With today’s medical care and car prices one can easily imagine either of the two categories to well exceed those relatively modest limits. When you consider the cost of ongoing medical expenses and loss of pay from not being able to work due to injury, it’s even easier to see how quickly these costs could exceed Utah’s limit. But even after exhausting your so-called Personal Insurance Protection (PIP) limit, claims can still be filed against at-fault drivers.

When you’re hurt in an automobile wreck, even if you are one of the few gifted souls who can comprehend the maze of auto insurance and traffic codes, you will need to concentrate on the healing of your injuries instead.

Best Way to Assure a Just Settlement of Your Case: Hire a Taylorsville Car Accident Attorney

That’s why it’s to your great advantage to contact a Taylorsville car accident attorney immediately after becoming involved in any accident involving serious injury or death. Your lawyer will become an indispensable ally in dealing with the mountains of paperwork associated with a successful legal claim. Some even offer a free consultation.

But don’t delay because time is always of the essence after a serious automobile accident. Collect as much data to back up your case as possible, like:

  • photos
  • insurance documentation
  • witness IDs
  • police reports
  • vehicle numbers
  • drivers licenses
  • location information

The more info that you collect about your accident, the better prepared that you will be at informing your Taylorsville car accident attorney about your case. That will go a long way towards helping him or her to aggressively pursue a fair settlement for your injuries.

Drive Safely: Stay Above the Maddening Crowd

The best way to avoid the above tangled webs is to drive safely, which can be accomplished more often by slowing down and being considerate of your fellow motorists. Remember that weather events can also affect road safety, so stay abreast of Utah’s often fickle weather conditions and plan accordingly.