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When Insurance Isn’t Enough

When Insurance Isn’t Enough

By on Sep 16, 2015 in blog |

auto insuranceIf you have a car, it’s likely that you have auto insurance. You may believe you’re protected in the event of an accident or an injury but, startlingly, this isn’t always true, and specifics can vary widely, depending on your insurance policy.

Your Coverage May Be Limited

Unfortunately, the details of many auto insurance policies spell out instances and situations where coverage may not apply and/or damages or awards may be limited. Occasionally, it may be possible to get additional coverage to fill in those gaps, but this isn’t always the case, or it may be costly.

Other Motorists May Be Uninsured

It’s important for you to know exactly what your policies cover and what they don’t. All states mandate that motorists have liability and personal injury insurance protection. But just because it’s mandated doesn’t mean that this is the reality.

In all accidents, the general rule is that the person who caused the accident is liable for damages. But what happens if that person is uninsured or underinsured at the time of the accident? In such cases, even your own insurance won’t cover any damages or injuries you sustain, unless you have uninsured motorist coverage, which is often not the case. If you have doubts about whether or not you’re covered in this way, be sure to check your policy.

Consult With an Attorney

If you’re in an accident that results in bodily injury, either to yourself or to others, you should consult with a qualified personal injury attorney so you can get the legal justice and financial compensation you deserve. Personal injury lawyers are experienced in cases where one party may have insurance gaps or lack of insurance coverage overall. Whether the other driver in your accident has auto insurance or not, it’s worth your time to speak with an experienced attorney who can discuss all your options with you.

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