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When Should I hire a Slip and Fall Attorney?

When Should I hire a Slip and Fall Attorney?

By on Jul 28, 2015 in Personal Injury |

salt lake city personal injury attorneyA Salt Lake City personal injury attorney can help you when you have been injured in a slip and fall incident. These types of injuries can result in medical bills and sometimes even lost income when you cannot perform your job. While you focus on healing from your injury, a Salt Lake City personal injury attorney will see to it that you receive the compensation you deserve.

A slip and fall claim is the result of someone falling or tripping due to the negligence of another party. It can be the result of slipping on a wet floor or tripping on a broken sidewalk. Under Utah law, anyone who owns and is legally responsible for a property, business or governmental property is also legally responsible for any injury occurring on that property due to negligence or improper construction.

Common slip and fall accidents claims are the result of:

* Poor lighting

* Potholes

* Blocked store aisles

* Uneven or slippery surfaces or floors

* Oil, grease, liquids, food or water left on floors

* Unsafe railings or balconies

* Uneven stairs or unsafe stair railings

If you been injured due to a slip and fall accident you will want to contact a Salt Lake City personal injury attorney as quickly as possible so that they can conduct an investigation into the area where accident occurred. They will also want to research the history of the area and speak to anyone who may have witnessed your accident.

You are going to need someone on your side during this difficult time. Someone who knows how to handle personal injury claims, and who will do what is in your best interests. Insurance companies generally look out for themselves. Even if a property owner has the coverage to take care of a personal injury claim, they often try to deny them, make low offers of compensation or delay handling them altogether. Have an experienced attorney on your side, however, can help get the results you deserve quickly.