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Why Call an Auto Accident Lawyer Before Your Insurance Company?

Why Call an Auto Accident Lawyer Before Your Insurance Company?

By on Jan 14, 2020 in blog, Car Accidents |

If you’re involved in a car crash, you’ll need to contact your insurance company – but before you do, call an auto accident lawyer.

A collision can affect your life in many ways, and a claims adjuster is not going to look out for you or advocate for your rights and needs. In contrast, an auto accident attorney will be on your side. And, an experienced lawyer can help you receive a fair personal injury settlement.

Reasons to Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer First

Emotions tend to run high after a car crash, and you’ll likely feel rather stressed. And if you suffer any injuries as a result of the collision, dealing with everything can be even more difficult.

Yet after an accident, you’ll need to make decisions rather quickly – and the choices you make can impact your personal injury settlement. An accident lawyer can explain what to do and what to avoid doing at the scene of the collision. Plus, an attorney will provide with sound advice on how to give a driver statement to the police, how to handle the call to your insurance company and how to respond if liability for the collision is in dispute.

Furthermore, an auto accident lawyer attorney can help speed up the insurance settlement process. And by resolving your case quickly, you’ll have the money you need for car repairs and any necessary medical treatment.

Why You Shouldn’t Call Your Insurance Company First

Your claims adjuster may sound friendly over the phone, but make no mistake – they aren’t trying to help you out. Making money for the company is their goal, and if at all possible, they’ll try to deny your insurance claim.

And even if the claims adjuster approves your claim, you can often count on receiving a lowball offer. Many times it seems that it’s their job to find a way to get you to accept the lowest possible personal injury settlement amount.

An experienced auto accident attorney can make sure that the settlement offer from your insurance company is worth taking – and if not, you’ll have an expert negotiator working on your behalf.

What if You Already Called Your Insurance Company?

If you’ve already spoken with a claims adjuster, but haven’t yet contacted an auto accident lawyer, do so immediately.

Do not, under any circumstances, go ahead and accept a settlement offer. Once you take an offer, you cannot pursue any additional compensation – even if your injuries, car damage or loss of income ends up being greater than what you initially calculated.

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