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Car Accident Attorneys Explain Getting Medical Proof for a Claim

Car Accident Attorneys Explain Getting Medical Proof for a Claim

By on Apr 12, 2022 in blog, Car Accidents |

Being involved in a motor vehicle collision in West Jordan or elsewhere in northern Utah can leave you seriously injured. An experienced car accident attorney can help you obtain the monetary compensation you need and deserve – but for that to happen, you must have medical proof of your injuries.

Medical proof for your personal injury claim needs to come from your doctor, and what you say while you’re at their office and how you act afterwards can have a major impact on the outcome of your West Jordan car accident case. Follow the advice here, and you’ll stand a stronger chance of receiving a fair amount of money for your pain and suffering.

Get Medical Attention as Soon as Possible

As any experienced car accident attorney will tell you, holding off on seeing a doctor is not a good idea. Your health comes first, and certain injuries can worsen over time without proper care. Also, some injury symptoms may not be immediately apparent. The sooner you get a medical evaluation from a qualified health care provider, the better.

Ask Your Doctor Questions About Your Injuries

While you’re at the doctor’s office, you need to ask a few specific questions. The answers you receive could serve as the medical proof your accident attorney needs to build a strong personal injury claim. We recommend asking the following:

What injuries resulting from the collision require medical treatment?

While you may need care from multiple health care providers, having a simple list of the injuries you’ve suffered in the collision means West Jordan car accident attorney won’t have to dig through heaps of paperwork to find vital information.

How do you know the motor vehicle collision caused these injures?

You can expect insurance adjusters to argue that you were injured some other way to devalue your claim. Get your doctor to tell you exactly how each of your injuries occurred, and your car accident attorney will have a good way to refute that argument.

What does the road to recovery for these injuries look like?

Your car accident attorney can pursue compensation for past, ongoing and future medical care, but do to so, they’ll need to understand your treatment needs. An outline from your doctor can be valuable medical proof for your personal injury claim.

What are your recommendations in regards to returning to work?

You may have to take time off to recover, and you might need to look for a different job or stop working altogether. Your attorney can fight for compensation for lost income and loss of earning capacity, but they’ll need to know what your doctor advises.

Be Careful Not to Undermine Your Car Accident Case

As we mentioned, your words and actions both at the doctor’s office and beyond can make a difference in how much money you receive through a personal injury claim. Here are some tips car accident attorneys say you should follow to help ensure the best possible case outcome:

Be Honest With Your Health Care Providers

When dealing with doctors, honesty is the best policy – and you should share your entire medical history. Keeping nothing back is key to getting the treatment you need, and telling all also helps preserve the integrity of your personal injury claim.

Avoid Discussing Your Car Accident Case

Your doctor will certainly ask what caused your injuries. Answer by stating that you were in a motor vehicle collision, but don’t offer any opinions or extra information. Stick to the facts, as making a statement that is later found to be false could harm your credibility.

Don’t Miss any Scheduled Appointments

If you skip a doctor’s appointment, insurance adjusters will try to use that as proof that you aren’t all that seriously injured. In the event you aren’t able to keep an appointment, call their office right away to explain the situation and make sure to reschedule.

Follow the Recommended Treatment Plan

Deciding not to follow your doctor’s treatment advice – without first discussing alternatives — is basically saying that you know better than an educated health professional. Listen to you doctor, or you might compromise your car accident case.

Stay Off Social Media Until Your Case Ends

The photos and comments you post online aren’t private. Information you share is considered part of the public record, and insurance adjusters may attempt to use anything you post as evidence that your injuries are not as severe as you claim.

Don’t Wait to Contact a Car Accident Attorney

After your motor vehicle collision, the insurance company of the at-fault party sprang into action. Their investigation started immediately, with the goal of finding ways to devalue or even deny your personal injury claim.

Insurance companies have experienced lawyers on their side, legal professionals who know how to build a defense. Fighting for fair compensation can be a definite challenge on your own — you need a car accident attorney with the skill, knowledge and experience to protect your rights and help you get every dollar you deserve.

Contact an experienced local car accident lawyer as soon as possible, and you’ll have an easier time obtaining the medical proof you need to successfully resolve your personal injury claim. If you’re in need of legal representation in or around West Jordan, Utah, Symco Injury Law is the go-to source. For a free car accident attorney consultation, reach out to our Salt Lake City office today.