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Who Should Take an Ambulance After a West Jordan Car Wreck?

Who Should Take an Ambulance After a West Jordan Car Wreck?

By on Feb 8, 2022 in blog, Car Accidents |

You may already know that what you do at the scene of a Utah auto accident can have long-term consequences. But you may be wondering how West Jordan car wreck lawyers recommend responding once the ambulance arrives.

If your injuries are quite severe and you need medical attention, the paramedics might not even ask if you want to take an ambulance to the hospital. If you’re still conscious, however, you may have the final word on emergency transportation. Given the choice, what should you do?

Taking a cautious approach is typically best. While you shouldn’t accept a ride if you really don’t need one, experienced West Jordan car wreck lawyers say that if you’re offered an ambulance, you may want to take it to the emergency room.

Reasons to Consider an Ambulance Ride

In the moments following an auto accident, you may be more worried about being late to work or the damage to your car than you are about your injuries. You might think you don’t need to have the paramedics take a look at you, let alone take you to the hospital in an ambulance.

However, you need to remember that your health comes first. Car wreck lawyers in West Jordan offer several very good reasons why accepting emergency transportation is wise:

  • You’re not thinking clearly. After an auto accident, adrenaline and endorphins flood your body, temporarily masking your symptoms. As such, you may think your injuries aren’t all that bad, when you’re actually badly injured.
  • Your symptoms could suddenly worsen. Car wreck victims often go from feeling fine to feeling terrible in the blink of an eye. If you drive yourself to the hospital, you could put yourself and other motorists in grave danger.
  • Paramedics are skilled medical professionals. The paramedics who assess your injuries will offer advice on how to proceed. They specialize in emergency care, and they’ll only suggest taking an ambulance if they believe it’s necessary.
  • Arriving in an ambulance can result in faster treatment. If you walk into the emergency room, you could be in for a long wait. Getting wheeled in on a stretcher often means getting fast-tracked for medical treatment.

Also, car wreck lawyers caution that by refusing an ambulance ride, you could seriously reduce the amount of compensation you receive in a personal injury claim. Insurance companies will argue that if you didn’t think you needed emergency transportation, you weren’t really hurt in the auto accident – and they’ll use that as a basis for devaluing or even denying your claim. Obviously, this is not correct or fair, but it is an argument that could potentially use against you.

Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Car wreck lawyers recommend seeking out medical attention as soon as possible after an auto accident. Doing so not only helps protect your legal right to compensation, but also helps preserve your health. Injuries don’t always manifest immediately, but doctors can diagnose underlying injuries and provide treatment before they worsen.

Certain symptoms indicate the need for immediate medical care after a car wreck. Take stock of how your body feels, and if you notice any of the following, taking an ambulance ride to the hospital may be in your best interests:

  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Blurry vision
  • Loss of hearing
  • Disorientation
  • Back pain
  • Throbbing headache
  • Significant bleeding
  • Suspected broken bones
  • Any loss of consciousness or concussion

Trust your gut, and if you just don’t feel right, car wreck lawyers recommend accepting emergency transportation from the accident scene. Better to look back and say that you didn’t need an ambulance than to look back and regret not taking the ride.

What About the Cost?

In West Jordan, some auto accident victims turn down ambulance rides due to concerns about the cost. That’s understandable, given that emergency transportation isn’t exactly cheap. However, car wreck lawyers say you shouldn’t let that deter you from getting the medical attention you need.

First, if you have a Utah automobile insurance policy on your own vehicle, you will have at least $3,000 worth of medical benefits available to you under the personal injury protection coverage. Sometimes you can have personal injury protection limits at a much higher amount, even up to $100,000. $3,000 is the Utah minimum. Secondly, your health insurance may cover the cost as well. And thirdly, if you didn’t cause the auto accident, you have another option – including the expense in a personal injury claim.

In Utah, the person who is liable for causing an auto accident can be held liable for a victim’s ambulance bill. Paying for the ride shouldn’t be your responsibility and an experienced car wreck lawyer can guide you through the process of getting restitution. Emergency transportation isn’t the only recoverable damage in a personal injury claim. You can also pursue compensation for the following:

  • Past, ongoing and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and lost earning capacity
  • Pain, suffering and mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment in life and loss of consortium
  • Repair or replacement of damaged property
  • Hiring someone to help with household tasks

Every case is unique, but a skilled car wreck lawyer can fight to get you every single dollar you deserve in compensation. And if you turn to Symco Injury Law, no money will be left on the table.

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